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Recent Enhancements

Coming Soon! New agent for Oracle® Solaris OS & IBM® DS8000; enhanced IBM® AIX® & Linux® Server agents

New Agents & Optimized Configuration Data Table Layouts: February 2014

IBM GPFS Server Performance Monitoring: System and Performance Reports

In-Depth Visualization for IBM GPFS & IBM Storwize V7000 Users!
Within minutes, collect data suited for your needs and identify obstacles to efficiency.

Latest Galileo Performance Explorer advancements provide timely custom snapshots for at-a-glance insight into server and storage performance monitoring.

New IBM® GPFS server agent provides visualization into your entire GPFS cluster for immediate identification of performance bottlenecks.

New IBM® Storwize V7000 Unified storage agent offer insights into your V7000 Unified System across 79 charts and 88 metrics.

Optimized Configuration Data Table Layouts allow for expediting the load process within an enhanced format.

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Updated IBM® SVC and V7000 Storage Agent Features: December 2013

Expand Your View of IBM® SVC/V7000 Performance!
Includes capacity, allocation,
and usage.

Continuing development makes the Galileo Performance Explorer agent for IBM® SVC and V7000 storage systems more versatile and helpful than ever for charting and managing storage operations for optimum efficiency.

50% increase in overall analytical detail includes both summary and detail data.

New reporting capabilities account for cluster capacity and virtual capacity, as well as overall storage efficiency.

Enhanced configuration and capacity information is now viewable directly within the Galileo portal.

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Updated Agent Features: October 2013

Chart IBM® SONAS Storage Controller Activity
More Detailed Configuration and Capacity Profiles

The ever-expanding list of Galileo Performance Explorer capabilities now puts more server and storage performance monitoring data at your fingertips than ever before:

NEW! Storage agent for IBM® SONAS technology documents 101 performance metrics in 92 specific charts.

Enhanced configuration and/or capacity information—viewable directly within the Galileo portal—is now provided across multiple Galileo agents for IBM® AIX® OS, Linux® OS, and Windows Server® OS.

Galileo agent for IBM AIX now offers frame configuration data for IBM® Power® Systems.

IBM has certified Galileo performance monitoring for Virtual Input/Output (VIO) servers in the IBM AIX environment.

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Updated Agent Features: September 2013

Enhanced Visibility For
IBM® XIV® and IBM® AIX® Users

Observe and analyze the current performance of your system, in time to do something about it.

The latest Galileo Performance Explorer upgrades provide new insights into both server and storage performance monitoring.

New! Storage agent for IBM® XIV® systems allows you to analyze performance efficiency according to 226 separate metrics in 93 specific charts.

Updated IBM® AIX® agent displays system configuration and capacity information in a "single pane."

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Updated Agents & Virtual Group Features: August 2013

Enhanced Visibility For Virtual Groups
Stay informed about system performance with improved access and visibility for Virtual Group performance monitoring.

The latest Galileo Performance Explorer™ upgrades address updated code in IBM® SVC/V7000 storage systems, User Interface enhancements for Virtual Group monitoring, and more.

Updated SVC/V7000 storage agent maximizes Galileo performance in line with new IBM® code updates for that hardware. Immediate update recommended!

Updated DS3/4/5K storage agent enhances archiving of performance monitoring files.

Enhanced Virtual Group Editor functionality provides better response times in large customer environments, and complete icon views in all browsers.

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New Storage Performance Features: June 2013

Single Screen Convenience
Users can access storage system
configuration and capacity information, along with comprehensive performance monitoring charts, all in a single screen view!

The latest enhancements to Galileo Performance Explorer include expanded charts and metrics for storage performance monitoring, as well as a
series of enhanced functionality features to improve
the user experience.

Galileo Performance Explorer now includes functionality that improves the user experience for individuals monitoring IBM® DS3/4/5K storage systems.

New interface option enables users to view storage capacity and configuration data in the same Galileo portal that provides access to 31 unique charts of DS3/4/5K storage hardware performance.

Updated manual Y-axis scaling provides pinpoint control over chart displays.

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New Storage Performance Features: May 2013

Key Information Available At-A-Glance!

The latest enhancements to Galileo Performance Explorer include expanded charts and metrics for storage performance monitoring, as well as a
series of enhanced functionality features to improve
the user experience.

New interface capabilities display key storage-related data within the Galileo portal.

Enhanced charts (22) and metrics (23) enable more in-depth analysis for IBM® SVC/V7000 storage systems.

Manual Y-axis scaling provides greater control over chart displays.

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New Features: April 2013

Galileo's latest DS3/4/5K agent

New Galileo Performance Explorer features, plus added hardware capabilities, make server and storage monitoring easier and more powerful for more users than ever before.

Expanded hardware coverage includes IBM's most popular mid-range storage hardware—IBM® DS3000, DS4000, and DS5000 storage systems.

A new data export feature creates opportunities for even greater in-depth analysis.

New conveniences provide added user clarity.

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New Features: February 2013

New Storage System Efficiency! New Galileo enhancements deliver greater insight and control over virtualized I/O networks and storage units.

Galileo Performance Explorer has expanded its range of capabilities to provide greater insights for high-traffic storage installations.

NPIV users, gain greater visibility of VIO server and fibre channel activity to enable more efficient use of a single adapter. Works with NPIV, MSPP, and SEA.
(Requires Agent V 2.5-0)

SVC and V7000 users, get new views of utilization activity for the internal drives in your units

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New Features: January 2013

Faster Access to Customized Data! Galileo's new enhanced data access and 'active CPU' reporting work in any dashboard you create.

Galileo Performance Explorer now offers quicker access, improved performance, and upgraded security for IT analysis and capacity planning.

Active and physical CPUs display on host CPU utilization, shared usage, and dedicated allocation

New password protocol enhances security

Revamped ETL protocols empower automatic error handling, optimization, and faster new development

Changes allow Galileo to be FIPS compliant
(Federal Information Processing Standard)

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Tim Conley, ATS Group

Presenting: Tim Conley, Galileo Co-Founder & Former IBM Systems Architect and Engineer

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Galileo Performance Explorer™ improves IT utilization and capacity planning with convenient cloud-based performance monitoring. Galileo delivers hundreds of analytical perspectives on storage hardware and virtualization environments for key decision makers. These deeper insights go far beyond reactive alarms to support optimal performance of physical and virtual storage, supporting IBM® SVC, Storwize® V7000 and V7000 Unified, XIV®, DS3/4/5K and SONAS storage systems. Built on an innovative SaaS architecture, Galileo installs in minutes, without onsite data or expensive hardware requirements. Automatic collection of real-time data, with quick, easy, graphical reporting via an intuitive web interface, offers access to custom dashboards with full drilldown into data details, anywhere, anytime. Galileo empowers users from IT administrators to C-level management at mid-size to Fortune 100 companies, including leaders in security-sensitive industries.

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