9 Attributes of a Secure Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Given that compromised data can lead to the downfall of a business, it’s not surprising that IT leaders are concerned about the security of cloud-based infrastructure performance monitoring tools. The cloud, however, provides the advantage of giving you a holistic view of a hybrid environment. So find out how to vet cloud vendors to ensure they offer a secure service that protects you from data breaches, network intrusions, and denials of service. Read more »

Managing a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Successfully

Given the trend toward hybrid cloud infrastructures, IT leaders must become adept in determining how to allocate their resources between their data centers and public and private cloud options. Also, they must manage performance proactively wherever their technology is located. So how should you manage this increasingly complex environment? Find out in this article. Read more »

Quick Tips for Cloud-Based Infrastructure Monitoring

When you migrate technology resources to the cloud, you’re dealing with an entity that by nature is nebulous. Given this reality, you need to take a rigorous approach to cloud-based infrastructure management. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you get optimal performance and return on investment in the cloud. Read more »

How to Select the Best Cloud Service Provider

selecting a cloud service provider

You’re ready to assess cloud service providers, but it can be challenging to ferret out the differences between them. Also, you need to ensure that whoever you work with can provide the performance that meets your requirements while remaining cost effective. Read this article to discover a step-by-step process to finding the right cloud vendor. Read more »