ATS Group, Galileo and IBM: The Ideal Partnership for Optimal IT Infrastructure

ATS Group, Galileo and IBM: The Ideal Partnership for Optimal IT Infrastructure

It’s no secret that there is a strong relationship between Advanced Technology Services Group (ATS Group), Galileo Performance Explorer and industry-leading technology provider, IBM.

For decades, IBM has been at the forefront of staple and emerging IT solutions (including their game-changing acquisition of Red Hat in 2018), and over the years, our ties to IBM have only grown stronger. From the beginning, ATS Group could boast a direct connection; our founders, Tim Conley and Chris Churchey, held positions as IBM Systems Architects and Engineers prior to establishing ATS Group. Through consulting efforts, ATS Group developed Galileo Performance Explorer — a proactive, data-driven solution for IT capacity and performance management supporting servers, storage, systems, networking, database, SAN and cloud. Galileo, initially used exclusively in ATS consulting engagements, is publicly available as a SaaS offering allowing them to increase uptime, pinpoint usage trends, forecast demands, right-size environments and accurately plan for the future.

As a supporter of critical infrastructure and IT innovation, ATS and Galileo are pleased to maintain and grow our long-standing partnership with IBM, providing the most advanced solution for our collective clients.

Supporting IBM Solutions

It’s no secret that Big Blue is one of the go-to providers for core infrastructure systems. From its advanced servers and storage all the way to the cloud, IBM is an undisputed giant in the tech sector. For these and an array of other reasons, it makes sense that Galileo continually builds out our IBM-connected technology agents, ensuring that users of our infrastructure performance monitoring solution can access unlimited historical data and accurately align IBM infrastructure assets with capacity needs.

The reliability of the modern infrastructure takes on a new level of importance with today’s data-intensive workloads. Galileo supports a full suite of IBM products, enabling users to access an array of historical insights, predictive analytics, performance metrics to predict and prevent latency and downtime as it related to data growth and usage trends.  Thanks to Galileo’s IPM solution, IBM clients can continually keep their critical infrastructure systems running optimally, providing exceptional user experiences both internally and externally.

Galileo delivers predictive insights for key IBM systems including:


  • IBM i
  • IBM Spectrum Scale


  • IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000 and DS8000
  • IBM FlashSystem
  • IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • IBM V7000 Unified


  • IBM Power
  • IBM z



Our development and services team focus on, adapt to and innovate according to modern infrastructure requirements and next generation technology. Our teams are always working to remain on top of IBM technologies, keeping our finger on the pulse of the overarching technology industry.

Upcoming 2019 IBM Conferences

Speaking of maintaining pace with the ever-advancing tech industry, IBM also hosts several key conferences throughout the year to ensure that attendees can do just that. ATS and Galileo have  a constant presence at these events, including those coming up this year:

In addition to these events, our team members are continually working to brush up on own IBM skills. Members of both the ATS and Galileo teams, including sales, marketing, technical and development, currently hold many IBM professional certifications for systems, storage, cloud and more, and are always working toward the next level.

An IBM Gold Business Partner

For almost 20 years, ATS Group, headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA, has provided independent and objective technical advice, creative infrastructure consulting and managed support services for organizations of all sizes. Our subject-matter experts help clients store, protect and manage their data, while optimizing performance and efficiency through Galileo Performance Explorer. Our team of experts are driven by the relentless pace of innovation, and our approach sets us apart. Our vast multi-vendor knowledge and unique service capabilities are constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s data-intensive infrastructures. Technology is always changing, and so are we! While our focus areas remain consistently, next generation technology requires advanced and innovative solutions.

IBM Gold Business Partner status is reserved for those providers with the ability to deliver high value transformative solutions and who have achieved consistently high levels of customer satisfaction, technical and sales certifications, sales success and verified client references. With ATS and Galileo, our clients have the confidence of knowing they are teaming up with an IBM Business Partner that consistently delivers the highest possible levels of excellence through both innovation and support services. We’re dedicated to ongoing technical excellence, and our passion and proficiency for leveraging IBM storage, systems and cloud shows in all of our successful initiatives.

If your organization has yet to discover the key advantages that IBM solutions paired with Galileo Performance Explorer’s predictive insights can offer your IT strategy, check out some of our proofs of concept from the ATS Group, and connect with Galileo experts today.

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