Better Visual Analysis of Your Data Center Performance: Tag Manager

As system administrators and CIOs witness firsthand, managing IT infrastructure performance is a constant challenge. What if you had a crystal ball into your IT Enterprise to reduce decision-making times and prevent slowdowns or outages? Galileo just introduced its Tag Manager that significantly transforms the visual analysis within its Enterprise and Predictive Analytics Dashboards. Users can assign custom, user-defined tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application assets.

Tag Manager is available free to all existing Galileo users. It revolutionizes the way IT users can connect, shape and rapidly visualize data center performance, configuration and capacity issues, whether your systems are on premise, in the cloud, hybrid or virtual environments.

The value of Galileo’s Tag Manager is the ability to view how a project, a business unit, an environment or any other entity you define is using a particular set of assets. This is invaluable in terms of planning, management, and more. The use of Galileo tags using Tag Manager to shape your data views is limited only by your creativity and business needs.

IT Intelligence Dashboards

IT Intelligence Dashboards. Galileo’s exclusive Enterprise and Predictive Analytics Dashboards offer clear insights and enhanced analytics that help you expose the truth about your infrastructure.

Tag Manager

Tag Manager. Galileo’s powerful Tag Manager feature lets you assign custom, user-defined tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application assets meeting specific search queries or attributes.


Here are few examples of how you can benefit from using Galileo Tag Manager with Galileo’s IT Intelligence Dashboards (Enterprise and Predictive Analytics):

  • Using either of the IT Intelligence Dashboards, a manager, director, or CIO can:
    • Narrow performance, configuration or capacity views and/or analysis to assets that belong to a particular project, business unit, division, geography, application, technology, cloud, and more.
    • View performance, capacity or configuration of assets with tagging such as “today’s problem assets” or assets that they want to monitor more closely for some reason (i.e. I want to move all of these assets from their current code level to the newest code level).
  • By building intelligence into your tagging schema, you can bring specific focus to your views of the IT enterprise by using multiple tags to group higher or lower level visual views of the asset associations in the Dashboards.
  • With tagging you can power the Predictive Analytics Dashboard to target specific technologies and relationships based on what is important to your organization.
  • You can use tagging for, and tracking of, configuration information for merger acquisition tracking, on lease or off lease and so much more.

The above examples are just a sampling of the possible applications of using Galileo Tag Manager.

You can learn more and see Tag Manager in action with a brief video, 30-day trial, or personalized demonstration.

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