Considerations When Migrating Your Data Center to the Cloud

Cloud migrations – and managed provider migrations, in particular – can present all sorts of unseen IT troubleshooting events. Running data centers in the cloud has become increasingly popular because, when done correctly, companies stand to reduce IT costs and drastically reduce their IT footprint. During such cloud migrations, however, there looms the real possibility that the system operating behind the cloud is just slightly different from the system performing the data center migration. This opens up potential problems that could drastically impact a business’ operational efficiency.

Maintaining a watchful eye on performance during cloud migrations and cloud operations is crucial, which is why Galileo Performance Explorer is such an ideal monitoring and alerting solution. During the entire cloud migration and ensuing operations, Galileo can alert administrators to an almost limitless number of potential or occurring troubleshooting events. Galileo can even be helpful in setting expectations on performance requirements and ensuring service level agreements are being met.

Some specific examples of the application of Galileo to cloud migrations are listed below.

You can utilize the historically collected information to “size” the CPU, memory, network, storage performance, and capacity required to give cloud providers accurate, fact-based resource requirements for costing and proposals.

Virtual Grouping & Testing
Galileo Virtual Grouping can also be used to put existing customer workloads together for “What if” scenarios to determine what to move to the cloud first, then size and relate that to the costs you’re given from cloud providers.

For example, you can test by splitting between two cloud providers and use Galileo to compare performance of the two, equate their costs, and determine which is a better ROI for your data center.

Flexibility for All Environments
Once moved to the cloud, Galileo can easily monitor your data center – no matter the deployment. Whether you move 100% to the cloud, or utilize a hybrid where parts are in the cloud and parts are on-premise, Galileo can help.

Galileo can also be used to validate any SLA or verify that you are getting the value you anticipated from the cloud provider. You can use Galileo to ensure you are getting the CPU, memory, and response times you were promised, or see if it is slower certain days of week or time. Galileo will show you those metrics.

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