Do you have insight into the health of your IT infrastructure?

Do you have insight into the health of your IT infrastructure?

Nearly every IT admin and business leader is discussing it these days: the importance of visibility and insight into the IT infrastructure. Your business relies on your infrastructure to underpin the performance of the applications and systems that make your daily operations possible. Without granular visibility into these individual platforms and the ways in which they work together, you could be operating with preventable problems that are holding your business back from peak performance and productivity.

The solution is to use an advanced IT performance monitor that can give you an in-depth look into the performance, capacity and overall condition of your most crucial IT systems. Our team here at Galileo is here to help you with that.

Be informed about your infrastructure health

Chances are good that you've made more than a few changes to your IT infrastructure over the past few years. From deploying new underlying hardware or virtual environments to integrating applications and feature sets, it's important that you have a full look into the way in which your infrastructure is handling these changes.

No good can come from operating in the dark. In fact, did you know that more than 70% of companies deal with correctable performance issues? However, the lack of in-depth visibility into the health and condition of their IT infrastructure prevents them from having the informed insight needed to correct these problems and realize their most optimal performance possible.

Your business doesn't have to fall into this category, though. When you sign up for Galileo's free 30-day proof of concept, we provide you with a full, complimentary health assessment that shows your current environment, its performance and the next steps you can take to ensure that every system is performing as optimally as it should.

Your complimentary health assessment

Why yes, we did say complimentary! We're so confident in the insights and knowledge that our assessment can provide that we're offering it for free for each 30-day proof of concept. We want to make sure that you have a complete and comprehensive picture of your infrastructure health so you can make the most informed decisions to plan and execute your upcoming IT initiatives.

Your health assessment looks at your existing infrastructure — and we also harness the power of predictive analytics to map the best path to optimal performance. The complimentary assessment includes:

  • An in-depth assessment of your current environment through our advanced Enterprise Dashboard.
  • An assessment of any infrastructure performance incidents through our innovative Analytics Dashboard.
  • An assessment of your IT performance through our Explorer Dashboard.
  • A summary of our findings, as well as our expert considerations to guide your next steps.
  • Documentation of the assessment, so you and your team can refer back to our in-depth findings.

Best of all, this process is lead by one of our Galileo Performance Explorer subject matter experts, who will walk you through the entire environment, incident and performance assessments during a live, guided educational session. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, get clarification and ensure you have a full understanding of the health of your IT infrastructure and the steps needed to support a performance tune-up.

Our SME team member also ensures that it's not just surface-level information we're providing you — you get access to the deep insights and out-of-the-box operational intelligence you need to truly make a difference in the efficiency and performance of your IT infrastructure.

Check out our video for more information on our complimentary health assessment. Visit our website to learn more about everything that goes along with the assessment process, including a look at our advanced Enterprise and Analytics dashboards.

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