Find Out What’s New with Galileo at IBM Edge

As IBM Edge 2016 prepares to open its doors on September 19th, IT executives are gearing up to learn from the experts about breakthroughs in technology and today’s best practices.

All of us at Galileo are excited to share new offerings that will make you think differently about how you manage your IT infrastructure to deliver the best possible user experience. We’re looking forward to talking with our clients, prospects and potential channel partners. Visit us to see Galileo Performance Explorer® up close on large-screen TVs and get quick answers to your questions.

What’s New?

It’s been an eventful year as we have taken Galileo to a new level with our Enterprise Dashboard, Tag Manager and the introduction of Brocade and Cisco SAN agents. And here’s what that means to you.

  • Enterprise Dashboard

    Imagine an eagle flying high above the earth. He sees the big picture, but can also see what’s important to him—a rabbit up to two miles away. As he descends to bring home his lunch, his eye constantly adjusts until he finds exactly what he needs.

    Galileo’s Enterprise Dashboard does the same for you. While it gives you the big picture of the health of your entire IT environment, it also enables you to hone down rapidly to areas on which you need to focus. That’s because Galileo contains performance information for each technology you’re monitoring, mines that data, and rolls it up into the high-level, critical insights you need to run infrastructure and keep users happy.

    By setting custom analytic thresholds for each server, storage, and SAN, you can make sure Galileo directs your attention to what’s most important. It’s like your dashboard on your car that warns you when the gasoline tank is almost empty, making sure you’re not left stranded on a deserted road. If for example, you’ve already determined that processes will not slow down until CPU usage reaches 95%, you might set a threshold to alert you when CPU usage climbs to 90%. It’s like a crystal ball letting you know what could cause problems with the user experience in the future, so you have time to remedy the situation.

    Wherever you are in the IT organization, the Enterprise Dashboard can help you. For instance, if you’re in charge of AIX, it allows you to drill down into data surrounding AIX quickly and not be distracted by other infrastructure issues. Alternatively, if you are an IT leader who oversees the whole kit and caboodle and want to make sure your team is on top of their game, you can take a quick look at the dashboard. If you see a lot of red, you might need to talk with some of your staff. If it’s all green, you can rest easy (or, perhaps, give a few pats on the back!).

  • Tag Manager

    With Tag Manager, Galileo has transformed into a tool you can use to make strategic decisions about your IT infrastructure. It allows you to assign tags and group any storage, server, SAN or application assets whether they are on your premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid or virtual environment. While there are many ways to use tag manager, here are some of the most popular applications.

    If you’re considering cloud migration, you want to assess whether it’s the right strategy and if so, make the move using a sound methodology. That means you need to identify small technology groupings that support low-risk applications and ascertain their requirements and performance. This information enables you to approach cloud service providers with a fact-based shopping list, not a bunch of assumptions. Tagging allows you to do this.

    Similarly, for data center migration, you need a full understanding of your existing storage and server assets and their capacity and utilization. Tag Manager enables you to create these virtual groupings and answer questions such as whether you would have enough capacity if you consolidated individual data centers.

    Finally, if there’s a merger, acquisition or divestiture on the horizon, you need to know which technology assets you can absorb, consolidate or discard. Whatever your situation, you need a detailed history of your IT infrastructure metrics and the ability to virtually group the assets you will be absorbing or divesting. Tag Manager can help.

  • Brocade and Cisco SAN Agents

    We’ve now introduced Brocade and Cisco SAN agents, filling in the missing piece of the IT infrastructure puzzle. Now Galileo enables you to look across your entire enterprise…servers, storage, SAN and applications. Because your IT environment is connected with one cog in the wheel affecting the next one, this is an essential capability. When you see everything at once, you can identify where the problem is, drill down into it and address it. Thus, these agents end forever the finger pointing between various IT silos and enables you to fix performance issues before they disrupt the user experience.

The Time Is Right: Year-End Promotions
We are excited to have you try out Galileo, so we’ve created some promotions you won’t want to miss.

  • Buy One, Get One Free

    Buy one agent for a year, such as AIX, and you’ll get another one that’s of equal or lower value for free.

  • The Baker’s Dozen Plus

    We know the traditional baker’s dozen is 13, but we didn’t want to stop there. So, here’s the offer. You pay for 12 months of Galileo, and you get 14 — two months for free.

  • Huge Savings on VMware Agents

    We understand VMware environments multiply, so our year-end sale slashes prices on each VMware agent to $50 annually. Now your savings can multiply too.

If you want to know more about what Galileo can do for you and these special year-end promotions, please stop by booth #200 at IBM Edge 2016 from September 19th through the 22nd.

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