Galileo Adds IT Monitoring Support for Cisco Networking for an Integrated View of the Infrastructure

Galileo Adds IT Monitoring Support for Cisco Networking for an Integrated View of the Infrastructure

Galileo is proud to support Cisco, one of the largest and leading providers of networking solutions. Our new Cisco networking monitoring agent launched today, February 4, 2019.

Individually, advanced technologies including cloud, storage, systems and SAN solutions can support a variety of benefits for today’s enterprises. However, these solutions and platforms also add complexity to an organization’s innovation and planning strategies.

In today’s modern infrastructure, visibility is key, and IT leaders must have an in-depth view of their entire environment. This is where Galileo comes in. Deep, predictive analytics and access to unlimited historical data helps organizations innovate and accurately align diverse infrastructure assets with capacity needs.

Now, we’re expanding the capabilities of our key infrastructure performance monitoring solution by adding support for a new technology. Galileo users can now monitor their Cisco networking systems, in collaboration with cloud, storage, database, server and SAN environment metrics.

Adding Cisco Networking to our Monitoring Solution

Since 2001, Galileo has allowed organizations to streamline support and develop realistic roadmaps for growth and transformation through data visualization, trending and tagging capabilities. Intuitive multi-vendor monitoring allows users to anticipate and adapt to usage needs and avoid bottlenecks. We’ve continually added new technology agents to ensure that Galileo users can leverage the suite for optimal results.

This February release marks the first networking technology supported by Galileo and will specifically support Cisco devices running IOS (Internetwork Operating System) and NX-OS platforms. Via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), Galileo’s enhanced user interface will fetch CPU and memory loads as well as interface bandwidth utilization. This data will then be showcased in all four of our unique dashboards:

  1. Enterprise Dashboard: This pane provides users with an advanced way to get a detailed look at the performance of assets spanning the entire infrastructure, supporting analysis and optimal decision making related to IT capabilities and resources.
  2. Analytics Dashboard: The Analytics Dashboard allows IT teams to identify and prevent performance issues before they impact end users, through access to in-depth and easy-to-understand predictive analytics. Galileo’s refreshed Analytics Dashboard enables analytical details related to infrastructure systems to be broken down in terms of severity, including Healthy, Warning and Critical icons. This Severity Indicator denotes assets which are approaching or have crossed specific user-customized performance thresholds. In this way, the IT team can better identify assets that require maintenance or adjustments immediately, avoiding costly performance problems.
  3. Explorer Dashboard: This dashboard provides users with detailed charts pertaining to a single asset, as well as multiple assets types according to category. Users can change the level of detailed offered within each chart with a single click.
  4. Tag Manager Dashboard: Users can tag any asset or group of assets according to tailored search queries or attributes to expand or narrow dashboard views and better track specific metrics. The combination of tagged assets and attributes is endless!

In addition to these networking-focused insights, the new Cisco support will also help IT teams include their networking technology in their considerations for key initiatives such as:

  1. AI Infrastructure Planning
  2. Capacity Management
  3. Cloud Migration
  4. Data Center Migration
  5. Health Assessments
  6. High Performance Computing
  7. Mergers & Acquisitions
  8. Performance Optimization
  9. Server Consolidation

Achieve Operational Excellence Across Diverse IT Assets

Galileo is proud to support Cisco, one of the largest and leading providers of networking solutions. The ability to monitor Cisco networking solutions and include these considerations with a comprehensive view of the entire infrastructure and all of its components, can enable a wealth of key benefits for enterprise IT teams and users. Here’s a look at the other technology platforms Galileo supports:

IBM Spectrum Scale
Nutanix (Coming soon!)

Dell EMC Isilon
Dell EMC Unity
Dell EMC VNX – Block
Dell EMC XtremIO
HPE 3PAR (Coming soon!)
IBM A9000/R
IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, DS8000
IBM FlashSystem
IBM Spectrum Virtualize
IBM V7000 Unified
Infinidat Infinibox
NetApp ONTAP 9
Pure Storage

Microsoft SQL (Coming soon!)



Amazon Web Services
Cloud APIs (Coming soon!)
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Get started with a 30-day trial using your data!

As you can see, our development team is always striving to expand and enhance the technologies we support, and we’ll continue to work to provide the most complete IT performance analysis solution available today.

Stop the firefighting. Focus on innovation… and achieve operational excellence with Galileo. Schedule a demo or start your free 30-day trial today!

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