Galileo and Zabbix: Combining proactive and real-time infrastructure performance monitoring

Galileo and Zabbix: Combining proactive and real-time infrastructure performance monitoring

Businesses’ critical infrastructure systems represent the lifeblood of most organizations – without robust access and use of these technological assets to support important, daily operations, the company risks damage to its reputation and customer relationships – or worse. In this environment, any downtime is simply unacceptable, and executive and IT leaders must ensure that they have the most visibility into their infrastructure performance.

Thankfully, Galileo Performance Explorer has joined forces with Zabbix real-time monitoring to provide ideally paired solutions.

Two schools of thought: Proactive and reactive

When it comes to IT infrastructure, there have been two leading strategies to monitor critical environments:

Proactively, wherein any issues are identified and ideally addressed before they become large-scale, performance robbing problems, or
Reactively, where real-time alerts enable IT teams to confront and tackle issues as they emerge.

Today, businesses must have both kinds of capabilities in place, and there’s no better way to achieve this than with best-in-class technology solutions.

Galileo and Zabbix: The best of both worlds

Galileo Performance Explorer is an industry-leading infrastructure performance monitoring suite that provides predictive analytics about critical IT systems. Everything from cloud and database to storage and SAN environments is monitored, and Galileo’s intuitive dashboards provide in-depth data and analytics graphs outlining to each platform’s capacity and overall performance.

Galileo analytics can provide a look into metrics including:

  • Cache partition
  • Disk service times
  • Compression and server CPU
  • UNIX computational memory
  • SAN port buffer
  • UNIX server disk path
  • And much more.

Galileo’s predictive analytics should also be paired with real-time alerting to ensure that there is a near-zero chance of critical infrastructure downtime. This is where Zabbix comes in, providing real-time alerts pertaining to:

  • Disk or hardware failure
  • Downed systems or applications
  • Offline ports or non-responsive Web apps.

This pairing of Zabbix reactive, real-time monitoring plus Galileo’s predictive, proactive monitoring provides businesses will the full picture of their infrastructure health, and puts them in the best position to support the continual, top-notch performance of their most critical IT systems.

To find out more about why predictive monitoring combined with real-time alerting is ideal for your company, check out our graphic here and contact Galileo for a free trial of our best-in-class infrastructure performance monitoring suite today.

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