Galileo Helps Energy and Utility Providers "Keep the Lights On"

Galileo Helps Energy and Utility Providers "Keep the Lights On"

Organizations in the energy and utility industry provide the backbone for all of today’s most critical activities, figuratively and literally “keeping the lights on.” To do this, providers in the sector rely on their own internal IT infrastructure, enabling them to provide energy and other services in a reliable and uninterrupted manner. In this type of environment, it’s imperative that energy companies have the best oversight of their infrastructure in order to meet today’s customer needs and to take steps to prepare for the future.

This is where Galileo Performance Explorer comes in, allowing energy providers to delve deep into their critical infrastructure systems, and the performance and capacity they can support.

Enabling advanced initiatives

Like businesses in many other industries, energy providers are looking to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated IT strategies that can support cost savings and more efficient operations.

The energy and utility sector is one of the main driving forces behind IoT systems today, capitalizing on available sensors and other connected systems that can prevent service outages and help maintain the health of our country’s underlying energy infrastructure. When coupled with data analytics, IoT technologies can deliver considerable benefits for today’s energy organizations.

“The Internet of Things and the data analytics associated with it have the potential to yield significant savings for energy companies, allowing them to increase production, avoid outages, maintain equipment, manage supplies and identify safety hazards,” BizTech web editor Phil Goldstein wrote. “As a result, energy companies are investing more in IoT and analytics technology.”

Supporting investments with robust infrastructure performance

However, adding advanced systems like the IoT and taking part in sophisticated analytics pursuits requires an end-to-end supportive infrastructure that can deliver top-notch performance. As energy companies continue to invest in these types of technologies and approaches, they must ensure that their infrastructure is up to the task.

Galileo Performance Explorer, a best-in-class infrastructure performance monitoring suite, offers up the insights energy companies need to ensure the value of these critical investments. Galileo provides unmatched visibility into the most important infrastructure systems, including servers, storage, SAN, cloud and database environments. Details like the capacity and performance of these systems is continually accessible through easy-to-read dashboards, enabling users to pinpoint any performance issues before they create large-scale problems.

Galileo in the real world: Supporting updates and IT budget

But don’t just take our word for it. Galileo recently worked with a regional transmission organization in the energy industry, enabling the business to update its aging infrastructure without going over its budget.

Galileo’s historical infrastructure data and other key analytical insights showed RTO stakeholders that they could save considerably on their planned server upgrade, and that implementation could take place within a fraction of the expected time. The IPM suite ensured that the RTO had the technological resources it needed to support its infrastructure and daily operations, and prevented overspending on inaccurate vendor recommendations.

Galileo is an expert on the needs of energy providers, and understands the critical role IT infrastructure plays in service delivery. Today’s energy providers must have granular visibility into their essential IT system health, and Galileo supports these insights, and then some.

To find out more about what Galileo offers for the energy industry, check out this case study and connect with us today.

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