Galileo for VMware: No Data Roll-Up, More Data Insight

Part 3 of Series: Performance Monitoring of VMware Environments

Galileo for VMware maintains the same data granularity as other Galileo agents, never rolling-up like vCenter, VMturbo, or vCOPs. This helps users avoid losing critical data and subsequently making ill-informed decisions as a result.

With vCenter at its default level, each day’s five-minute data points are rolled into 30-minute blocks. After one week, vCenter aggregates and averages those values again. This happens again after one month. After one year, the vCenter database purges these values completely.


The default logging level for vCenter server, including what is enabled and space required.

VMware maintains default logging levels to avoid the need for increased inventory database storage—and to increase the overall performance of vCenter. That is why a tool that can retrieve and store these five-minute data points is so critical to both the efficiency and visibility of your VMware environment.

Using Galileo for VMware, your administrators can zoom in or zoom out on any time period. They can get precise five-minute data points—not just the averages—using the very same charting features that current Galileo customers know and use comfortably every day. Those administrators using Galileo enjoy a single-pane-of-glass view for performance data collection on their systems.


What happens when we increase the amount of statistics that vCenter holds in its database.

With Galileo, customers do not have to spend endless hours configuring charts or searching for the data they want. At the same time, some users may not know what charts to create. Unless they have already been exposed to the data, they might never know what information to seek—or how to go looking for it. In this way, Galileo can teach as well as inform using the preconfigured charts and the Help pop-outs.

Download the Solution Guide, “Performance Monitoring of VMware Environments” with insights by Brandon Scott and Rich Davis, Infrastructure Performance Management Experts at Galileo Performance Explorer.

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