Galileo's Continued Success Program: What It Means To Have Consistent Support

Galileo's Continued Success Program: What It Means To Have Consistent Support

Galileo Performance Explorer is a leader in the infrastructure performance management industry, and if you’re one of our customers, you already understand why. Galileo provides an all-encompassing view of your organization’s servers, storage, SAN, database and cloud environments through an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, enabling you to best understand the capacity and performance of your critical infrastructure.

Here at Galileo, we subscribe to two different SaaS concepts – not only does this translate to Software as a Service, but we also offer Support as a Service. Our Continued Success Program means that Galileo isn’t just a service provider that sells you an IPM solution, but we are your white glove partner throughout your use of our best-in-class suite.

One solution to rule them all

The features provided by Galileo are unmatched for numerous reasons, not the least of these is the suite’s ability to support unified visibility across your entire infrastructure, including your most important IT assets. Where this type of visibility required multiple, complex tools in the past, Galileo wraps everything up into a single, advanced and streamlined infrastructure performance management solution. For your IT team, this means there’s no need to  toggle between several different platforms just to get the insights you need into your infrastructure performance.

However, even the most tech savvy individuals need a little assistance sometimes. This is where Galileo’s Continued Success Program comes into play. This support service comes free of charge with your Galileo agent subscription, and puts our team of experts behind your organization to ensure that you get the most value from Galileo Performance Explorer.

Easily reach out to the experts

Whether you just deployed Galileo within your infrastructure, or have had your subscription in place for months – or even years – our subject matter experts are standing by to answer your questions and quickly get you to a resolution.

Best of all, contacting us is as simple as a phone call or click away – we’re here and available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. And if something comes up beyond that time frame, you can always send an email – our agents will promptly respond.

What seems to be the problem?

There’s no need to hesitate when it comes to your Galileo Performance Explorer Continue Success Program support. Our experts have been specially trained to to handle every kind of request – there’s no ask that’s too big or too small for our agents. We treat each query as if it belongs to our own organization, which translates into the industry-leading customer service that Galileo is known for – this is just one of the reasons why we’ve achieved a 96 percent customer retention rate.

From cloud and data center migrations, to server consolidations or merger and acquisition processes, Galileo can support your company throughout its lifecycle.

Just some of the things you enjoy – free of charge! – with Galileo’s Continued Success Program include:

  • End-to-end installation.
  • Comprehensive product overviews and demonstrations.
  • Personalized user training sessions lead by our subject matter experts.
  • Proof of Concept and trial support.
  • Unlimited enterprise support available via phone or email during business hours.

And all this comes in addition to what’s already encompassed within your Galileo subscription:

  • Unlimited performance, configuration and capacity data.
  • Unlimited users and sites.
  • Unlimited storage of data history.
  • Free automatic feature enhancements.
  • Free data exporting (.XLS or .PDF).
  • 24/7/365 anywhere access from any device.

We want to ensure that you’re able to glean the most value and insight possible with your Galileo Performance Explorer, well after the initial installation. Our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your solution lifecycle, for any need and any reason.

Ready to get started? Our free trial lets you see the depth of the Galileo Performance Explorer in your own environment. Contact us today to find out more.

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