Guarantee Success by Managing your Strategic IT Initiatives with Galileo Performance Explorer

Guarantee Success by Managing your Strategic IT Initiatives with Galileo Performance Explorer

Managing your IT infrastructure performance is a constant challenge. IT teams today face distributed, multi-tenant storage, virtualization layers, heterogeneous vendors and bloated or restrictive existing system management solutions — all while trying to identify and solve problems faster. These day-to-day pressures, combined with an evolving technology landscape, can create significant challenges in the data center.

Discover a better way to manage your infrastructure with Galileo Performance Explorer. Developed by the ATS Group, Galileo is an  easy-to-use SaaS platform, giving you a visually intuitive, 360-degree view of your environment.

Empowering IT for business success

Using Galileo’s vendor-agnostic, cloud-based approach to your infrastructure performance management will allow you to easily assemble and quickly visualize complex IT enterprise environments which enables you to:

  1. Decrease CAPEX and OPEX and achieve more from your existing assets
  2. Eliminate risk and predictively troubleshoot performance slowdowns and application failures, while proactively improve data center performance
  3. Align expenditures for all IT assets including server, storage, database, SAN and cloud
  4. Manage and monitor multiple data centers and complex computing environments
  5. Create customized dashboards and comprehensive reports for your specific needs

Companies that have a powerful IT performance monitoring solution in place have a robust asset at their fingertips for storing and analyzing IT infrastructure performance data. This information is invaluable and can provide incredibly pertinent insights, including details that encompass the company’s entire IT infrastructure. Users can monitor everything from configuration to capacity to performance of an organization’s servers, critical applications, storage environments and area networks. This means that nothing is out of view for IT administrators.

What’s more, Galileo Performance Explorer has specialized tagging capabilities that enable IT teams to monitor assets in way that means the most to them. They can group certain assets together according to their unique, user-created tags. In this way, monitoring specifically for migrations, consolidations, capacity planning or other strategic initiatives is a breeze.

Increase IT agility & seize business growth opportunities

New and innovative tools and technology are quickly becoming the backbone of strategic goals, including creating competitive advantage, personalizing the consumer experience and empowering business units with insightful information. With proven methodologies, Galileo can help guide you through best practices for ensuring flawless project execution. Accurately monitoring your current environment with Galileo always provide a roadmap to a successful project.

Understand the primary use cases for how leading businesses and enterprises are leveraging Galileo Performance Explorer to grow and optimize their IT processes and business aspirations.

AI Infrastructure Planning

IT organizations must take a proactive approach to their AI infrastructure optimization in order to meet the needs of internal stakeholders. By analyzing patterns and trends in data, IT can optimize utilization, increase agility and meet time-to-market pressures. In doing so, IT teams can effectively balance maintenance with innovation and drive the digital initiatives that propel business growth. Unlike reactive performance monitoring tools that inform after an overload occurs, Galileo Performance Explorer is designed for proactive system management where accurate predicting simplifies planning for future capacity needs.

Capacity Planning

With a strong system in place for capacity planning, you will gain a better understanding of your environment and assets, the carried risks and how to mitigate the risks, all while demonstrating that resources are being consumed appropriately and in line with business expectations. Galileo provides the detailed infrastructure statistics to make both short-term and long-term capacity decisions for your organization. Our predictive analytics can help IT administrators enter hypothetical parameters to see how a data center will react to certain circumstances in future, thus providing a capacity planning guide for all unique assets.

Cloud Migration

A successful cloud migration empowers IT managers with increased efficiency, ease of access, simpler administration and management, and overall lower costs. But before reaping the benefits of cloud technology, businesses will first have to move there successfully. The process is often overwhelming with various challenges, from insufficient planning to obsolete technology. Maintaining a watchful eye on performance during cloud migrations and operations is crucial. During the entire migration process  and ensuing operations, Galileo will alert administrators to potential or existing troubleshooting events, while setting expectations on performance requirements and ensuring that service-level agreements are met.

Data Center Migration

Data center migrations have become an increasingly important IT planning strategy for companies looking to seamlessly relocate an entire data center environment to a new facility or a managed or cloud environment. Galileo delivers predictive analysis for a planned data center migration and comprehensive monitoring of performance, capacity and configuration metrics during the migration process. By properly monitoring your infrastructure with Galileo, IT teams can proactively troubleshoot potential issues and evaluate post-migration results.

Health Assessments

Health checks provide the integral data necessary to maintain a dependable IT infrastructure. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved and peace of mind achieved from learning that your infrastructure is performing optimally. Galileo Performance Explorer makes health assessments quick and easy by providing infinite insight to significantly improve infrastructure high availability, performance and reducing operational cost. Intuitive dashboards that can see across the enterprise gives you substantial insight into enterprise-wide IT performance and helps make data-driven business and IT decisions.

High Performance Computing

Infrastructure teams often find themselves spending too many work cycles acting as systems administrators, managing their organization’s HPC cluster and maintaining performance data not visible to the end-user, rather than serving those end-users by improving their overall experience – ensuring consistency and mitigating latency across the HPC environment. Galileo is cloud-based and maintains all historical data at a granular level, freeing IT Managers to analyze performance trends and issues across their HPC environment for their predictive and preventive value.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions raise concerns about whether a company has the IT capacity to absorb the new organization’s technology workloads, whether new assets are required, and how best to consolidate technology. To answer these questions, organizations need visibility and history of both IT infrastructures. Galileo provides an easy way to dynamically tag and group assets you plan to absorb or divest, so you can analyze their requirements and answer “What if?” questions. With Galileo, it’s easy to determine whether the assumptions you made during the integration process were valid or whether you need to make adjustments to increase efficiency or performance.

Performance Optimization

Anything that stands in the way of winning performance could be costing your company big in terms of productivity, customer service and profits. In order to support and provide the best experience for the workforce, businesses need a solution that continually monitors crucial infrastructure assets and can alert the IT team to problems that might prevent users from successfully interacting with key applications and solutions.

Server Consolidation

To run an efficient and high-performing IT environment, you need to explore your server inventory regularly to find opportunities for consolidation. Galileo’s extensive monitoring and alerting during a physical or virtual server migration or consolidation helps identify issues and provide measurable before-and-after results. A successful server consolidation, led by Galileo, will eliminate over-provisioning and increase server utilization, while optimizing IT management and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Wondering what Galileo can do for you?

Undergoing any of the initiatives mentioned above or simply want to get a better view into your infrastructure assets? Let us know! We’d love to show you the power of Galileo in your own environment with a complimentary 30-day trial. Our SMEs can you up and running in less than 2 hours, using your data! And because we are in the cloud – you can access that data anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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