How a Simple Client/Server Application Reacts When an Oracle RAC Node Fails

We have developed a Solution Guide that demonstrates application connections using one of the Oracle database MAA, Maximum Availability Architecture components – RAC. It’s a long topic so I’ve created a tutorial for you to follow.

We have attempted to simulate an IT infrastructure failure, i.e. node/server failures, and then show you how an application reacts and is kept highly available with the Oracle database which is protected by RAC. I’ve found this useful for IT administrators responsible for tracking infrastructure failures.

The guide demonstrates how a simple client/server application written in Java SE, Standard Edition, reacts when the Oracle database instance it is connected to fails in an Oracle RAC environment. RAC, stands for Real Applications Cluster. RAD is Oracle’s high availability solution for their database software. In previous releases it was called Oracle Parallel Server.

We hope you enjoy the Solution Guide. Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions!

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