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When a user complains of an application slowdown, IT teams too often find it hard to determine if the bottleneck lies in the cloud, application, or database. To solve this continuing problem, we developed a compelling new approach in IT utilization and capacity planning: Galileo Performance Explorer. Developed before cloud computing became a buzzword, Galileo was the first Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) cloud service—and today is the only one offering a unified platform. Built on an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture, Galileo provides “single pane of glass” analytics to help align IT technology to business objectives. Galileo installs within minutes—negating expensive hardware requirements. With a renewal rate of close to 100%, existing Galileo users already know all of these benefits.

Galileo Named Among 25 IBM Solutions Transforming Business by CIO Solutions

We always strive to be agnostic on the technology we support and currently we support such diverse technologies as IBM server and storage suites, as well as Linux, Windows, Solaris, NetApp, VMware, Cisco, and Brocade. This allows us to consolidate multiple agents for insightful monitoring, utilization, and capacity planning of servers, storage, and applications. That is why we found it especially rewarding when CIO Solutions magazine recently named Galileo among the 25 IBM Solutions Transforming Business.


While recognition like this is rewarding, it would not have been possible without the passion for IPM and customer success that drive our innovations. We believe that innovation is less an idea than a process that makes it happen. That is why we always seek to bring unique skill sets together to think creatively, advance and refine ideas, and execute them successfully. We are pleased to have some of the best and brightest minds on the Galileo team and know that Galileo’s success depends on quality people.

Since complex IT environments make performance management a difficult and expensive task, the feedback we receive from Galileo users is always important. It allows us to continually improve, empowers better decision-making, and helps us develop intelligent and predictive analytics to pinpoint potential problems before they occur. Your excitement and feedback regarding our ability to improve your decision making make you an important part of this recognition. While it is nice to bask in such positive recognition, it is now time for us to get back to our quest to disrupt IT decision making for the better for the entire Galileo community.

Read the CIO Solutions article here.

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