Making “See Everything, Miss Nothing” Your Present Day IT Performance Management Reality

Like all good stories, this one starts with “once upon a time.”

Once upon a time, when IT performance went bad, you simply threw more memory at the problem, or followed Moore’s law by upgrading CPUs.

But with the end of the mainframe era, we entered a new era of multiple tier client server architectures, layers of virtualization, IT domain silos of expertise, complex networks, and of course highly advanced storage capabilities needed to meet ever growing data volumes, data management, and data protection requirements. And that “once upon a time” moved into the today’s IT reality, making managing IT performance a lot harder.

Add to that the movement to the cloud, and you may wonder who even owns the infrastructure and has any insight into it in today’s virtualized world.

The problems of performance often lead to missed service level agreements, overspending, and brittle infrastructure that does not seamlessly meet the needs of business. Sure, there are platform tools to manage these issues, but they are universally accepted as unwieldy, requiring deep expertise. Even if you get one fully deployed and fully working, it requires experts in that tool to use it every day and to get good at it. And then managing tons of data these systems produce – collecting it, storing it, processing it – that’s a job in and of itself.

The issues are endless and raise the ultimate question: When do we actually stop feeding the use of these tools and get the help we need? How do we get crystal clear on performance – across the whole IT panorama? How do we get all the data in one place, manage it all without effort, and have “at hand” access to that information wherever and whenever needed?

Visibility is the first key principal to great performance management, and it has to be real and practical visibility to the actual practitioner, not theoretically visible.

To turn “once upon a time” to your present day reality, today’s story needs to be “see everything and miss nothing” by transforming your IT data into visually compelling, actionable insights.

Toward that goal, I encourage you to see what we are doing about this IT imperative with our new IT Intelligence Dashboards that one Galileo user described as “disrupting” for the better how they make decisions across their IT Enterprise.

Additionally, I invite you to view the recording of our recent webinar with Taneja where we address the key performance issues facing CIOs, data center managers, and system administrators. The webinar addresses how to:

  • Prevent system slowdowns
  • Troubleshoot problems faster
  • Best size environment
  • Keep my environment running optimally
  • Gain predictive operational insight into your environment

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