New Enterprise Alerting to Enhance the Power of Performance Monitoring

Nothing grabs your attention quite like an alert. When you hear or see an alert, the first thing you want to know is “What problem is that alert alerting me to?” The next thing you desire is for the alert to stop, because prolonged alerts are really annoying, and probably expensive. This holds true for car alarms all the way through information technology (IT) datacenter server and storage warnings.

Galileo Performance Explorer now offers a capability that both alerts IT administrators to any perceived datacenter caution—whether operational- or storage-related—and simultaneously provides troubleshooting and problem resolution graphical user interface (GUI) dashboards to help quickly and efficiently resolve those potential problems, so you can quell those alerts before they become full-blown problems.

Our new Enterprise Alerting function—available across the Galileo offering suite—interfaces with our new Galileo Performance Explorer health check and enterprise GUI dashboards, which provide business customers at the entry-level, mid-level and enterprise-level with unprecedented alert monitoring capabilities. These released GUI dashboards are now accessible across all Galileo pillars and agents, including the newly announced agents for both NetApp and VMware. The dashboards can be utilized to monitor the health across the IT datacenter, from operating system (OS) problems to storage array concerns.

Over the years since Advanced Technology Systems (ATS) group established itself in 2001, our subject matter experts (SMEs) have amassed an extensive amount of IT analytics and troubleshooting experience. In many instances, this IT experience and knowledge even predates ATS itself.

At ATS, we called upon our SMEs to write down and categorize their vast experience—both personal and via customer engagement—and craft an analytics engine for the modern IT age. Calling upon their broad and varied experience working within datacenter server and storage environments, our SMEs developed an analytics engine that allows customers to access that exhaustive well of troubleshooting experience with just a few quick keystrokes.

Now, in the event of potential catastrophic datacenter downtime, administrators can simply access the Galileo Enterprise Alerting offering to help them pinpoint and resolve datacenter problem points, rather than consulting a mountain of manuals or going through endless online forums or customer service inquiries. Our problem alerting, detection and resolution engine can be accessed quickly and efficiently, which can in turn result in much faster problem resolution.

Many of the “best-of-breed” performance measurement tools and enterprise-wide tools available today require far too much hands-on administrator attention, which leads to too much of an investment in both time and money. Worse, the search results can often be confusing and contradictory, leading to “resolution” action that can be both error-prone and even disastrous.

With our Galileo Enterprise Alerting offering, you can invest in a solution that will help reduce all the time and “noise” that hampers other IT alerting products and solutions. With our streamlined alerting and troubleshooting engine, administrators will be able to focus instead on actual, critical messages and alerts, thereby decreasing the time necessary for problem detection and resolution.

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