New Partnership Enables Galileo to Support IBM and Nutanix

New Partnership Enables Galileo to Support IBM and Nutanix

There’s nothing better for enterprise infrastructure than when top technological solutions are able to seamlessly integrate together. Recently, two of the leading technology providers – IBM and Nutanix – announced a partnership to deliver enterprise cloud services. Now, Galileo Performance Explorer, the industry’s top infrastructure performance management suite, is proud to announce support for Linux on both IBM Power Systems and Nutanix, enabling users of both platforms to glean in-depth insights about their Nutanix and IBM environments.

Nutanix and IBM partner to provide big data and AI infrastructure

Businesses today utilize the cloud for a whole host of different purposes, and each initiative will have its own unique environmental needs. With increased priority being placed on big data analytics an artificial intelligence capabilities, more organizations across every industry are seeking cloud environments capable of supporting these crucial, advanced pursuits.

IBM and Nutanix have risen to the occasion here with their new partnership. The paired providers are offering a new enterprise cloud infrastructure that brings together the ease-of-use and flexibility of public cloud platforms with the granular control and protection of a private cloud.

“Combining the advanced architecture of IBM Power with Nutanix web-scale technology, customers can run their most demanding transactional and analytic workloads with infrastructure that is easy to manage and simple to scale,” Nutanix noted of the partnership.

The Nutanix- and IBM-supported enterprise hyperconverged cloud infrastructure can be scaled by adding IBM Power servers as needed, and Nutanix’s included AHV hypervisor frees businesses from paying for expensive hypervisor licensing costs. The pair is also promising the elimination of complex SANs and simplified data center storage resources.

Overall, the new infrastructure with provide companies with the secure and agile environment required for big data, AI, cloud native apps and file and block storage.

Where Galileo fits in

This new enterprise cloud infrastructure functions through natively running on IBM Power in a Linux environment and a Nutanix-based appliance. IBM hardware and Nutanix software is closely tied together, creating a unified and holistic infrastructure.

Even with less complicated SAN and data center storage, users of this new enterprise cloud offering must have the necessary visibility, particularly when it comes to resource usage and overall performance. This is the point where Galileo Performance Explorer fits in, providing the final and essential piece of the enterprise cloud infrastructure puzzle.

Galileo’s infrastructure performance management suite already inherently supports Linux through our server agent. IBM and Nutanix’s partnership means that Galileo can offer infrastructure management and analytics for Nutanix on X86 as well as IBM Power. In this way, users can access insightfully summarized IT data and dynamic dashboards to enable the best management of their enterprise storage, servers, SAN and cloud environments.

Galileo helps ensure that every part of your company’s infrastructure – including cloud environments for big data analysis and artificial intelligence – provide top-notch performance. Our performance management tools can proactively identify potential performance issues before they become large-scale, user experience problems while helping to eliminate downtime and outages before they ever happen.

To find out more about what Nutanix and IBM’s new partnership means and how Galileo provides the final piece, contact us today.

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