Performance, Capacity and Configuration: For IT the Reality is Relative

Performance Management

Maintaining a high-performance IT data-center environment is crucial to any business. If performance slows, operational efficiency across the entire business can slow. The challenge is pinpointing where the slowdown occurs. Locating such problems for many IT shops requires multiple physical monitors and separate performance monitoring tools to examine server environments, storage environments, bandwidth bottlenecks, power allocation, and virtualization environments. Even for seasoned IT administrators, going through those resources individually can be time-consuming and frustrating. To add to these challenges, the entire system may experience a complete outage before administrators can locate the problem.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is an ongoing consideration for any business that operates an IT infrastructure. At some point, even small businesses must upgrade to larger hard drives or attached drives to accommodate growing data. For mid-sized and enterprise businesses, the need for careful capacity planning is very important. To stay competitive, companies must embrace emerging technologies. At the same time, they must keep watch over their own data centers to ensure they can rescale quickly when the need arises.

Configuration Management

As part of proactive systems-management software, a configuration-management tool should appear in each application module. Configuration management is incredibly useful for quickly identifying essential system details when there is an issue—including device information and code levels—which allows administrators to save considerable time in the end. Configuration-management processes facilitate changes in software and applications when they occur. This allows administrators to proactively perform and control changes to particular system attributes, ensuring overall system integrity and visibility.

It’s all Relative

Users of Galileo Performance Explorer will tell you that a combination of configuration and performance management capabilities can provide valuable insights into infrastructure health, capacity, and overall configurations.

Next week watch this blog and our website for an announcement on new Galileo capabilities that will revolutionize the way IT users can connect, shape and rapidly visualize data center performance, configuration and capacity issues. #GalileoTagManager will transform visual review and analysis of all assets within your entire IT environment in ways that will disrupt your IT performance management for the better. Whether on premise, in the cloud, hybrid or virtual environments and across complex IT storage, server and SAN environments, performance, capacity and configuration are indeed relative for dramatically reducing decision-making times and prevent slowdowns or outages.

Learn more by reading the solution guide, Solving Today’s Top 5 Performance Management Issues that includes insights by Mike Matchett, senior analyst for Taneja Group. This discusses new approaches and addresses key IT environment performance issues facing CIOs, data center managers, and system administrators.

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