Simplify IT Decision-Making with the Predictive Power of the New Galileo UX

Simplify IT Decision-Making with the Predictive Power of the New Galileo UX

Infrastructure performance monitoring is critical for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Comprehensive IT monitoring ensures that key systems, including storage, servers, SAN, database and cloud assets, are utilized efficiently and effectively, and that issues are addressed proactively before they impact end users.

Galileo Performance Explorer empowers organizations with in-depth, predictive insights, visibility and proactive control within their infrastructures. Now, we’ve taken this a step further with a newly optimized user experience. The subject-matter experts at Galileo have compiled and leveraged customer feedback and trends in the industry to redesign and restructure an enhanced user interface, allowing users a simplified experience with more options to analyze the depth and detail of their environment.

The New Galileo: Intuitively Designed to Deliver IT Decisions

The possibilities of performance monitoring with Galileo are virtually endless. Strategic initiatives such as capacity planning, data center migration and server consolidations are no longer difficult to manage. The decision-making data delivered by Galileo’s new user experience can provide a roadmap and forecast to an organization’s most daunting IT tasks.

Coming in Q3 2018, Galileo will launch a dramatically different user interface that encompasses more than the visuals: usability, accessibility and interaction are all addressed. This August, Galileo users will be able to opt in to a new and improved version of their business-critical monitoring platform. and get to know its new features including:

  • A visually-appealing, modern design and color scheme
  • Collapsible, left-hand navigation to maximize screen space for data visibility
  • The Explorer Dashboard (which has taken the place of the Core dashboard) providing details about single or multiple assets
  • A dedicated Tag Manager Dashboard (previously embedded within the Analytics Dashboard) for easier grouping and analysis of digitally tagged assets
  • A compelling redesign of the Analytics Dashboard
  • Updates to the severity indicator and threshold slider

Explorer Data Intuitively

Galileo’s Explorer Dashboard allows IT teams to visually review and closely analyze their environmental assets. With complete records of all historical data (never rolled up or averaged), you can now examine system performance across the entire enterprise. Galileo’s advanced drill-down capabilities expand reporting and analytics, providing you with quick access to make better, more-informed decisions.

Every chart in the new Explorer Dashboard provides a “Top 10” for your environment. Users can easily change the level of detail for all charts (top 5, top 25, bottom 5, 10, 25) with one simple click. There is no longer a need to zoom these frequently accessed charts.

Streamline Strategic Initiatives

Here are just a few of the ways Galileo’s comprehensive performance monitoring can support optimization within your organization:

Performance Optimization

Downtime is incredibly costly, and even small performance issues can hamper users’ productivity and, by extension, the company’s relationships with its customers. Galileo allows you to stop these problems at their root cause, through predictive analytics and intelligent custom thresholdswhich alert you when action is needed to maintain top performance of your infrastructure assets.

Server Consolidation

More organizations are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by consolidating server workloads. Although this was previously a majorly complex initiative, performance monitoring and the ability to virtually group and analyze servers – while also forecasting future workload growth and other “what if” scenarios – streamlines consolidation and ensures that you have the resources you need to support performance now and into the future.

Cloud Migrations

Shifting workloads from on-premises systems to cloud environments can be similarly challenging and complex. Stakeholders must understand how the migration will impact overall infrastructure functionality, which specific assets will be migrated, and which cloud service option will best suit their needs. The detailed information provided by performance monitoring can support executives’ decision for cloud service partner, and help streamline the migration of assets through virtually grouped assets within Tag Manager.

AI Infrastructure Planning

Artificial Intelligence can be a game-changer for today’s enterprises, but only if they have the robust infrastructure to support it. This is another area that can be optimized through performance monitoring, helping users understand patterns and trends in utilization and predictively ensure capacity for AI workloads.

Do you see of these initiatives coming down the pipe at your organization? Our SMEs would love to walk you through a demo (and sneak peak of our new UX!) or schedule a complimentary 30-day trial! You could be up and running in under two hours… using your data!

Included in your 30-day trial is a free health assessment. You can see the value of Galileo instantly with a guided presentation covering your infrastructure insights and predictive analytics, as well as advice for the future planning.

Ready to get started? Connect with us for a demo today.

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