Technology-Driven Transformation at IBM Think 2019 in Soggy San Francisco

Technology-Driven Transformation at IBM Think 2019 in Soggy San Francisco

Tens of thousands of conference-goers descended on San Francisco’s Moscone Center last week. And no, Dreamforce did not come early.

IBM, the 6th largest tech company in the world, moved its flagship conference out of Las Vegas and into San Francisco for the first time in company history. Think 2019 kicked off on Tuesday, February 12th with 30,000 registered attendees visiting the newly renovated Moscone Center.

The Galileo team was thrilled to be a Silver sponsor of the event and had an amazing week visiting with attendees, partners, vendors, speakers and other luminaries… despite the week’s chilly temperatures and constant rain. Here are some great memories from the week:

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So what did we learn at Think?

In a world that’s creating analytics and AI-enabled everything, how do you get more value from your data? You need to train it, track it and trust it — to make your business smart, but also secure. Think attendees explored cutting-edge concepts, thoughtfully presented by expert speakers at keynotes and breakout sessions. The goal: fostering growth and innovation and disseminating the latest and greatest thought in the tech space. We explored the relationship between mankind and machine and immerse ourselves in groundbreaking technologies. Together, we heard stories about reinventing business, transforming industry and architecting a smarter planet.

Think 2019 focused on education, expertise, networking and entertainment—all designed to provide the edge on the competition while having a great time!

Think offered a fast approach to professional development, delivering a year’s worth of career-launching content in less than a week. The Think Campuses helped attendees dive into topics of interest and discover solutions that have helped other industry leaders find great success. Topics included:

  1. Cloud, analytics, data & mobile
  2. AI, blockchain (Did you hear about the $700M Banco Santander partnership?) & IoT
  3. IT infrastructure, systems modernization & quantum computing
  4. Collaboration, customer engagement, human resources and talent, commerce & finance
  5. Security, resiliency & compliance
  6. Software development, APIs, Watson & open source

IBM 5-in-5

IBM has predicted the five technologies that it believes will change our lives in the next five years.

During the IBM Think 2019 event, Arvind Krishna, IBM’s senior vice-president for cloud and cognitive software, unveiled the IBM 5-in-5, a list of innovations the company says have the potential to change the way people work, live and interact during the next five years.

“Within the next five years, the Earth’s population will cross the eight billion mark for the first time,” said Krishna. “Our complex food supply chain – already stressed by climate change and a finite water supply – will only be tested further. To meet the demands of this crowded future, IBM researchers are exploring new technologies and devices, scientific breakthroughs, and entirely new ways of thinking about food safety and security.”

Below are IBM’s 5-in-5 predictions:

  1. Digital farming: According to IBM, by the end of the century, the Earth’s population will increase by 45%, while farmable land will decrease by 20%.
  2. Blockchain prevents waste: According to IBM, within five years, we will eliminate many of the costly unknowns in the food supply chain. The company says food loss will diminish greatly and the produce that ends up in carts will be fresher when blockchain technology, Internet of things (IOT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms join forces.
  3. Mapping the microbiome: Geraud Dubois, head of IBM Research, Almaden, said millions of microbes co-exist within the food supply chain; some are healthy for human consumption and others are not. He noted those that cause food-borne illnesses account for $9 billion in medical costs and another $75 billion in recalls and destroyed food annually.
  4. AI sensors detect pathogens: IBM is of the view that within five years, the world’s farmers, food processors and grocers – along with its billions of home cooks – will be able to detect dangerous contaminants effortlessly in their food.
  5. Radical recycling: IBM predicts that in the next five years, plastic recycling advancements like VolCat could be adopted around the globe to combat global plastic waste.

Watch Think 2019 Replays & Videos On Demand

The conference may be over, but its innovation, inspiration, and insights live on. Access Think’s collection of on-demand videos and session materials to continue learning how to build a smarter business.

Revisit your favorite sessions. Catch all the moments you missed. Share insights with your network. These playlists and videos offer you the chance to relive the highlights of Think 2019.

See you at IBM Think 2020!

We’ll see you again next year in San Francisco from May 4th through 7th for IBM Think 2020… hopefully with clear skies and warmer weather!

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