Upcoming Webinar: 5 Imperatives for Measuring and Improving Infrastructure Performance

As IT pros who have been in your shoes, we know what keeps you up at night. CIOs, IT managers and administrators today must focus not only on being transformational for their businesses, but must also monitor technical performance issues that could bring businesses to their knees.

Add to this the complexity of environments and the growth of cloud and hybrid cloud/premise solutions, and the job gets ever harder.

At ATS Group/Galileo, we understand the constant pressure to focus on larger, “more pressing” issues like cost-cutting, consolidation, outsourcing, research, and implementation of new technology for competitive advantage. And we know that it’s not hard for the common day-to-day performance and user experience headaches caused by any data center environment to be lost in the mix.

That’s why we have teamed with Taneja Group, a leading analyst and consulting group focused on storage, server, networking and other infrastructure technologies, including Big Data and Cloud to present you with a “from the trenches” executive overview presenting you with best practices and practical applications.

Mike Matchett from Taneja, along with ATS Group/Galileo co-founder Chris Churchey and myself, will discuss how you can manage these business-critical responsibilities by optimizing infrastructure performance management. Our presenters have several decades of experience managing IT data center problems and solutions, and will share best practices to help you and your team sleep better.

Our discussion focus will be on some key areas

  • How can you better prevent system slowdowns?
  • How can you troubleshoot problems faster in your environment?
  • How can you best size your environment?
  • How do you keep your environment running optimally?
  • How can you gain predictive operational insight into your environment?

Presenting industry issues and best practice directions along with some Galileo use cases and experiences, we think the session will be time well spent for you as you ramp up toward the end of year and budget planning. And it’s free – view here. See you there.

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