Webcast:  5 Imperatives for IT Capacity Planning

Webcast: 5 Imperatives for IT Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning Made Simple

Data analytics and dashboards promise to solve all of your capacity management problems, but they rarely live up to the hype.  This has a lot to do with the fact that many of us fall victim to personal biases which get in the way of selecting the right tool for the job.  Read on for 5 imperatives that will help ensure you’ve got the right solution for your capacity planning needs.  

  1. Dependable analytics is critical
    Insights and intelligence are what your business needs to remain competitive.  Unreliable or absent data and analytics often result in overspending.  
  2. Always have a plan
    Just like Fredrick Tutor, assuming that everyone understands what you’re trying to accomplish will likely lead to failure.  Develop a sound plan based on comprehensive research, and communicate that plan to your team and stakeholders. 
  3. Continuously reevaluate 
    Your judgment can be influenced by what most easily comes to mind.  Be sure to take careful and frequent examinations to avoid missing critical information.  
  4. Evaluate using logic
    Emotional decisions can be unreliable in a venture as important as capacity planning.  For success, stick to the information gleaned from the data and analytics.  
  5. Leverage external guidance
    The social dynamics of a group situation often override the best outcomes. 
    Engage with a team (partner) who can take the time to listen and understand.

For more on effective capacity planning, check out our webcast that will give you more guidance on how you can avoid buying shelfware, effectively and accurately gauge your available capacity, and ways to assess how your assets will perform under future scenarios.  

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