Why IT Managers Need Predictive Operational Insight

Part 5 of Series: Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges

It is not enough to simply look backward. Unfortunately, that is exactly what a purely reactive approach to infrastructure performance management forces you to do. It is important to remain proactive in order to head-off performance issues before they have the opportunity to become genuine failures.

You should ideally be not only predictive, but intelligently predictive. That means you do not simply look forward by the week or month. Rather, you anticipate long-term needs. Big data requires predictive analytics–telling you exactly what will happen when you subject your infrastructure environment to such stresses as a heavier workload or additional users.

With accurate reporting, your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance reporting provide the real picture through enterprise and alerting dashboards. The right tools will automate these tasks in an easy-to-navigate way. That way, you can get right down to valuable, actionable data across servers, storage, SAN, applications, and more. With all your IT enterprise environment information in one place, you do not have to hunt for or sort through it. This makes management and reporting effortless. You should be able to identify actionable activities to prevent IT performance problems before they occur. Your enterprise performance reporting should be customizable—allowing you to shape your data views by business role, technology, business unit, or application based on tags or defined alerting. Finally, this should all support your monitoring objectives—whether your IT environment is comprised of data centers on premise, operates in the Cloud, or consists of a hybrid approach.

Download the Solution Guide, “Solving Today’s Top 5 IT Performance Management Challenges” with insights by Mike Matchett, senior analyst for Taneja Group and Tim Conley & Chris Churchey, co-founders of Galileo Performance Explorer.

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