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7 Critical Considerations for Evaluating Infrastructure Monitoring Platforms

The days of monolithic (and easier to manage) systems are long gone. Unfortunately, tracing workloads as they snake through a spaghetti ball of connections, transactions, and relationships is not for the faint of heart.
But sorting out which tools can best help you is almost as hard as managing your infrastructure in the first place.
The key is to know what to look for when evaluating solutions.
Get this complete buyer’s guide to help you make sense of your IBM Power infrastructure monitoring choices and select the best tools for your organization.

Resources for Your Capacity Planning Project

It's budgeting season for many of us.  As a result, capacity planning and cost justification for hardware purchases are likely on your mind. But don't fear, because Galileo has you covered. We've curated a bunch of our most popular and helpful resources for your...

Why Admins HATE Their Backups

Many of us hate our backup environments.  That's because backups kind of suck, even with a backup product as great as IBM Spectrum Protect.  As I said in another post, it's the thing that everyone needs, but no one cares about, and most definitely can make your...

Backups Suck (But They Don’t Have to)

Focus on what matters with instant visibility into the condition of your backup application and detailed analytics to quickly pinpoint where any issues lie.   IBM’s backup monster, Spectrum Protect (TSM as we called back in the day), sucks. Not because the software...

9 Attributes of a Secure Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tool

Given that compromised data can lead to the downfall of a business, it’s not surprising that IT leaders are concerned about the security of cloud-based infrastructure performance monitoring tools. The cloud, however, provides the advantage of giving you a holistic view of a hybrid environment. So find out how to vet cloud vendors to ensure they offer a secure service that protects you from data breaches, network intrusions, and denials of service. Read more »

Implementing Spectrum Scale Solutions

IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly known as General Parallel File System – GPFS) is a highly scalable, flexible, reliable, and high performance clustered file system. While many clustered file systems like Lustre, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and Redhat GFS...