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Standard Data Protection Report

Is My Data REALLY Protected?

Let’s face it. Backups kinda suck. That’s because they’re the stepchild nobody wants to deal with. Yes, it’s essential and a part of the IT family, but it can be a nuisance. So it rarely gets the attention it needs and deserves. If you’re managing backups, you need to be able to focus on what matters. This means instant visibility into the condition of your backup application and infrastructure, as well as detailed analytics to help easily and quickly pinpoint where any issues may lie. The Protection Report for Spectrum Protect from Galileo can help you do this. It can give you the big picture seamlessly with the most accurate view of your backup environment. You’ll be able to answer the question “Am I Protected?” in an instant.


Custom Application Performance Report

What is the Relative Performance of My Applications?

At a glance, this report shows LPAR counts and Relative Performance (rPerf) consumed by data center and by application. The ability to see normalized compute resources by application is powerful and time-saving when migrating applications to the cloud, new hardware, or even to a new OS. Galileo allows you to dynamically tag assets in meaningful ways, such as grouping by data center or application as we’ve done here, and by maintaining every original data point forever. Galileo Report Studio pulls it all together and delivers a polished and professional report automatically.

Custom DR Capacity Report

Do We Have the Capacity to Recover from a Disaster?

Understanding your production infrastructure is key to ensuring a disaster is just an event, and not catastrophic. With Galileo, we can tag assets based on DR Tier, allowing us to compare the production consumption over time against DR resources. In fact, Galileo calculates the maximum physical capacity available for your physical servers based on their rPerf ratings, providing you with normalized data to accurately size your DR assets, identify unexpected growth in production assets and predict future trends. Galileo Report Studio delivers meaningful reports based on real data, allowing you to sleep at night.

Custom Storage Report

What is My Storage Inventory?

Today’s datacenter has placed a lot of eggs into the storage basket. Storage Area Networks were designed to help make storage utilization and performance more efficient and easier to manage. But as your infrastructure grows, so does the complexity of your storage environment. Keeping tabs on storage controller types, software levels, utilization, and performance is more critical than ever. Galileo’s Storage Report centralizes this information into a simplified report so that you don’t have to spend hours figuring it out with complex spreadsheets or disparate utilities.

Custom Infrastructure Report

What Technical Debt Am I Supporting?

Technical debt is real. And your datacenter continues to grow, the requirement to monitor for compliance and formulate a plan to eliminate technical debt becomes even more critical. The Galileo Infrastructure Report can help by aggregating all of your assets into a single view so that you can track what technology you’re supporting across your entire enterprise. At a glance, you’ll see where you’re most vulnerable so that you can focus on the task of paying down your technical debt.

Custom Storage Report

How Fast is My Storage Growing?

One of the hardest jobs we have as IT professionals is forecasting growth of the infrastructure to prevent the “out of gas” scenario. In the world of storage, forecasting is critical to performance and availability. To take the guesswork out of this process, the Galileo Storage Report provides quick metrics and visuals to help you understand how well your storage is performing and when it you’ll need to take action to expand. You can report on individual storage controllers, or aggregate views to give you a bird’s-eye view of your entire storage environment.

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