Galileo Adds Oracle Database Performance Monitoring Tools To Provide Valuable IT Insights

Galileo Adds Oracle Database Performance Monitoring Tools To Provide Valuable IT Insights

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2017

Philadelphia, PA — Galileo Performance Explorer, the industry’s flagship integrated IT Performance Management (IPM) suite created by The ATS Group, announced a new technology agent for Oracle database. Galileo’s newest agent release offers vital configuration insights for the performance of Oracle — the world’s most popular database.

Oracle has led the industry by providing the fastest and most reliable highly secure database for organizations of all sizes continue to innovate, so the addition of Oracle DB monitoring is a huge step for Galileo in giving their customers the ability to view insights into all of their individual, unique assets.

The new tools support a streamlined process for identifying and addressing discrepancies, providing users with the information they need to make the most accurate decisions about the optimal performance of their Oracle database environments. Bottlenecks and other performance-robbing issues can be pinpointed in a fraction of the time, allowing system admin​istrators and engineers to correct problems at the Oracle database software level, including datafile configuration, control file configuration, online redo log configuration, ASM configuration and more.

Galileo’s new Oracle Performance Monitoring Tools provide insights into configuration and capacity data, including database uptime, used and free disk capacity and other crucial environment information. Users can also get at-a-glance database activity details, encompassing the number of user commits and number of log switches taking place over time, soft and hard parses over time, number of blocked sessions and wait events according to each system, wait class, session and service.

In addition, users have access to trending metrics, including PGA session usage, automatic memory resize operation, and datafile disk usage capacity. These valuable metrics help IT leaders better understand current workloads, while ensuring they have all the information they need to predict and proactively address future database issues.

Users can monitor database environments for a range of different critical metrics and unique thresholds through analytics alerting. Database asset tagging enables databases to be grouped together according to function and priority, supporting instant understanding of the relationship between systems and the ways in which they support business initiatives.

The Galileo dashboard also offers enterprise-level views, featuring data about the overall Oracle footprint. In this way, users can answer important questions about their Oracle environment at a moment’s notice, including the different platforms Oracle databases are currently running on, the specific versions of Oracle database software, CPU cores and more.

“The addition of Oracle Database to Galileo Suite marks an exciting and important step for IT and enterprise leaders,” said Tim Conley, Principal and Co-Founder of Galileo and The ATS Group. “Our dashboards provide the most complete look at an enterprise’s Oracle database environments, providing detailed metrics and valuable insights to support the best performance of these crucial assets.”

To find out more about Galileo Performance Explorer and the new Oracle Performance Monitoring Tools, contact us for a demo or requeust a free 30-day trial.

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