Client Stories

Client Stories

Major National Research Hospital

“Implementation and maintenance is almost uneventful. [Galileo is] nimble, easy to use, and easy to maintain.”

Problem – With a complex IT infrastructure and a limited number of administrators, the hospital found all the enterprise and point tool sets they had in place too difficult to use, overwhelming in their complexity and confusing in their lack of reporting accuracy. Implementation, support and existing tool sets were also too difficult to use and not stable. The resulting overlap and limitations were creating confusing information and errors, and administrators were spending more time managing the tools than spending time assuring performance and optimizing utilization.

Solution – With Galileo, the hospital can leverage one cloud-based tool for performance gathering and analysis for storage and applications. They found Galileo easy to implement and maintain – “almost uneventful” as they explained it. This was the first cloud solution implemented within the data center. And since no customer or user data is ever exchanged or transmitted to the cloud and no Galileo data is ever sent back into their systems, security was not a concern.

Value – With implementation in two hours or less, time to value was rapid. The incredibly simple and intuitive reporting allows for administrators to be proactive in evaluating performance and avoiding issues. Accessing data on multiple types of end devices helps in giving access to other IT users outside the core storage group and fosters greater collaboration.

Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)

“IT is confident, capable and productive, and collaboration with business users on data and infrastructure issues is streamlined.”

Problem – The RTO coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 14 states. The company was using a homegrown toolset that was unavailable to most users and provided limited capability. Forced to use their best System Administrators on analysis, they spent weeks searching for answers and had a great deal of difficulty in assuring performance and optimizing utilization.

Solution – Using the Galileo Suite, and enjoying the benefits of a cloud implementation, they were able to roll out the performance monitoring software across their extensive operating systems environments in less than a day. This eliminated the homegrown tools and freed up their best resources for more strategic analysis and work.

Value – Now able to regain valuable system administrator time, the company’s best resources were free to be deployed on valuable business projects while using Galileo’s simple and intuitive reporting to quickly provide deep business insights to the entire infrastructure team.

Large Regional Health Insurance Company

“Integrated insight optimizes IT operations agility and reduces the cost of Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM).”

Problem – With limited–or in some cases no–insight into an existing, large, multi-tiered storage environment; IT was not able to effectively manage the environment. This resulted in working in reactive measures, an inability to understand capacity trending, and not being able to provide adequate service to the business.

Solution – By implementing Galileo storage agents across their environment and using the software’s easy-to-understand, integrated reporting, IT was able to allow for instant capture of key performance capacity metrics in mere seconds.

Value – Despite the insurance company’s complicated IT environment, Galileo’s intuitive performance monitoring reporting allows the company to make proactive, informed decisions about their environments. Even further, administrators can forecast capacity needs and provide predictive capability back to the infrastructure management team and to the business.

Major Global Consumer Brand

“[Galileo helped us become] proactive and capable of doing more with less.”

Problem – IT was experiencing an inability to manage their 300-plus UNIX servers while proactively ensuring efficient use and eliminating system slow downs.

Solution – Within hours, Galileo was deployed across their entire UNIX footprint to easily capture raw data and provide pertinent information and reporting back to the UNIX support groups.

Value – The consumer brand was able to eliminate the constant backlog and demands of work for the UNIX team by providing more efficient use of their time – and they no longer needed to react to issues on the system.

Global Insurance Company

“Galileo’s integrated tools and reporting quickly improve decision-making.”

Problem – The global company specialized in life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, retirement funds, and investments. Their IT team had several products installed, although they were not used due to deficiencies. This was a considerable waste of time and money.

Solution – Galileo was deployed for server and storage data gathering and analysis.

Value – The company now has a single, integrated tool for Storage (1.5PB) and servers (2300). Both support groups were quickly able to analyze and execute problem resolution and improve services to business.

National Processing and Marketing Branch of a Farm Product Cooperative

“[Galileo] reduced 4 hours of work to 4 minutes.”

Problem – The company spent up to four hours of system administration time to collect, analyze, and present performance information.

Solution – By using Galileo, the time required to obtain data, analyze charts, and present reporting was substantially reduced.

Outcomes – Four-hour conference calls among AIX admins, DBA’s, and App administrators were reduced to 4 minutes.

Major Global Chemical Company

“[Galileo] helped us consolidate multiple tools to just one.”

Problem – The large chemical company was using four different tools to understand system and application performance.

Solution – With Galileo, the company leveraged one cloud-based infrastructure charting tool for cross-platform performance gathering and analysis.

Outcomes – The company saved considerable time and money while providing rapid decision-making ability between teams.

Massive Government Agency

“We are blind without Galileo.”

Problem – The government agency deployed a private storage cloud with 4PB of storage with very limited performance insight.

Solution – Galileo’s SVC storage agent instantly captures and analyzes key performance metrics.

Outcomes – The agency can now properly manage, trend, and evaluate the entire private storage cloud. The IT team identified 300TB of near line candidate data in less than one hour.

National Health Care Claims Adjudication System

“An easy to use, cost-effective and fast solution.”

Problem – The enterprise-wide storage monitoring solution in place was costly and difficult to support and use. The server monitoring solution in place for AIX was homegrown and equally problematic.

Solution – The company was used to purchasing complex and expensive enterprise tools for IT requirements. Galileo Storage and Server monitoring was the first cloud application the company purchased. The company did not have to pay any implementation costs and was immediately convinced of the security of their data and their ability to install quickly. Galileo’s reporting capabilities and ease of use reinforced the advantages of the cloud-based monitoring solution.

Value – Galileo was very easy to implement and featured low overhead on all agents and systems. Additional value included a higher speed of previous on-premise solutions and extremely efficient performance.