Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Save Time and Quickly Identify Your Most Vital Assets

Galileo Performance Explorer® provides configuration management tools. Included in all application modules, this allows users to quickly identify essential details. With a complete inventory of assets and configuration for their IT infrastructure, administrators save time.

Now you have access to all your assets—including device information, configuration changes, and code levels. Set, monitor, and alert on critical system details—gaining valuable insight into health, capacity, best practices, optimization, and availability.

Get the Details

Configuration management identifies system details, device information, and configuration changes to provide administrators with a complete asset inventory.

Set the Standards

Galileo configuration management tools allow administrators to set parameters, monitor, and alert on critical system details within their IT infrastructure environment.

Go in Deep

Infrastructure performance management provides valuable insight into system health, capacity, best practices, optimization, availability, and other recommendations.

Stay in Control

Galileo’s powerful alerting dashboards makes configuration monitoring and asset information available to users with every application module within the solution suite.