Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Effectively Monitor Your Entire Data Center from a Single Workstation

If your data center slows down, it can damage efficiency across your organization. Galileo Performance Explorer® can monitor data-center performance from just one workstation.

Administrators can use Galileo to view computing efficiency, power utilization, server operations, storage environments, and virtualization efficiency—all through an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Because Galileo has no complex or expensive installation or support requirements, it reduces the need for additional hardware on-site—keeping your footprint small.

Predictive Monitoring of All Systems

Identifying Device Problems Within Seconds

See Everything in One Place

Galileo provides advanced performance-monitoring capabilities—so you can now view the performance of your entire data center all from one single workstation.

View Your Data Center in Detail

Galileo lets administrators view every aspect—from computing efficiency, power utilization, and server operations to storage environments and virtualization efficiency.

The Dashboard Makes IT Easy

Galileo’s performance monitoring dashboard Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides an intuitive tool that is exceptionally easy for administrators to use and navigate.

Conserve Resources… & Space

No complex, expensive installation/support requirements means no additional hardware on-site—and a much smaller overall data-center footprint for your organization.