Secure Services

Secure Services

Safe and Secure Architecture for the Cloud

In IT, security is vital. Galileo Performance Explorer® relies on Certificate Authority (CA) encryption. Authentication assigned and managed by ATS Group guarantees secure transmission only from registered and authenticated customer-side agents.

With Galileo, users view and manage systems remotely. Outbound-only transmission ensures no sensitive data transmits to a user’s server. Galileo does not transmit or store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and transmits only data related to IT data center performance.

Secure Agents Mean Secure Data

All customer-side agents that collect performance metrics for managed servers are both registered and authenticated.

Encrypted Against Intrusion

Galileo agent registration includes Certificate Authority (CA) encryption assigned and managed by the ATS Group.

Ironclad Data Transmission

Outbound-only transmissions never include customer data—and can scramble/remove server data for even greater security.

Never Any Inbound Data

With our outbound-only data transmission, no sensitive or critical data is ever transmitted inbound to client servers.