Tag Manager

Tag Manager

Custom, User-Defined Views of Your IT Infrastructure

With Tag Manager, you can now assign custom, user-defined tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application assets that operate on your premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid or virtual environment. Tag any assets that meet a specific search query or attribute of your choosing to determine how a project, business unit, environment, or other entity uses them. See the configuration, performance, and capacity of any asset within your user-defined context for valuable insight into planning, management, and more. Choose how you apply tags. The potential combination of assets, components, and attributes is limitless. Tag Manager works with the following IT assets and components:

StorageSubsystem, Storage Volumes
GPFSClusters, Nodes, NSDs
SANSwitches, Ports
VMwareClusters, Hosts, Guests

IT Intelligence Dashboards

Galileo’s exclusive Enterprise and Predictive Analytics Dashboards offer clear insights and enhanced analytics that help you expose the truth about your infrastructure.

Tag Manager

Galileo’s powerful Tag Manager feature lets you assign custom, user-defined tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application assets meeting specific search queries or attributes.

The Possibilities are Virtually Limitless

Below is a sample of what is possible when you use Tag Manager with Galileo’s Enterprise and Predictive Analytics Dashboards for Performance Management, Configuration, and Capacity Planning.

  • Narrow performance, configuration, capacity views, and analysis to assets from a particular project, business unit, division, location, application, technology, cloud, and more.
  • View performance, capacity, or configuration of assets with such tags as “today’s problem assets.” Tag assets you want to monitor more closely for any reason. For example: You can tag those assets you want to move from their current code level to the newest code level.
  • Build intelligence into your tagging and bring specific focus to your views with multiple tags that group higher or lower-level visual views of asset associations.
  • Tagging allows you to power the Analytics Dashboard to target specific technologies and relationships based on what is important to your organization.
  • Track configuration information for merger acquisition tracking, on-lease or off-lease and much more.