Cloud Monitoring Tools

Infrastructure Monitoring on Premise, in the Cloud or Hybrid

Galileo is a cloud-based IPM solution that enables you to monitor 24/7/365 on premise, public or private cloud environments whether in a hybrid or virtual IT environment. Galileo’s cloud monitoring tools provides reporting and predictive analytics dashboards offer operational intelligence about performance, capacity and configuration that include capabilities for assessing cloud migration paths and opportunities. Galileo currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Thinking of moving to the cloud or worried about realizing the benefits? Galileo can help and even vet your potential cloud providers vigorously. Then after your move, use Galileo to continue to monitor performance ensuring there is no degradation in performance. Renewing a contract? Even then, Galileo’s Cloud Monitoring Tools can help you make informed decisions about whether to stay with a cloud services provider or migrate more IT resources.

How Galileo Works

Monitoring the Payoff of Cloud Migration

Galileo can help select cloud test environments. Simply assign custom tags to any storage, server, SAN, or application assets to group them virtually. For your selected environments, you’ll be able to view the profiles of utilization, CPU capacity, and I/O performance. User-friendly, visually engaging Galileo dashboards distill data and provide at-a-glance insights and enable you to monitor trends at your cloud service providers and rapidly compare cloud vendors and on premise performance.

There are many more applications for Galileo. The dashboards enable you to drill down and pinpoint threatening issues in minutes. Thresholds provide advanced warnings on when you need to take action to optimize performance, so you can optimize the end-user experiences and never have to fight fires again. Galileo stores historical data, enabling you to view trends and deviations that may signal a need to take action. It’s like having a crystal ball for your entire enterprise infrastructure that empowers you to keep operations running without a hitch.

A Step by Step Approach

What’s more, the monthly subscription pricing is a fraction of what you would normally invest in an enterprise-wide solution, and a modular approach allows you to customize your subscription to your needs. Learn more about how to take advantage of Galileo cloud migration and monitoring capabilities to take a strategic step by step approach to optimizing the user experience while minimizing costs through the white paper below.