Oracle Database Performance Monitoring Agent

Expose performance bottlenecks for Oracle database environments in just a few minutes—instead of days or weeks. Discover what is slowing down your OLTP or data warehouse environments. Galileo’s Oracle performance monitoring tools help you identify and correct configuration discrepancies across your environment by providing vital configuration information. This information includes Oracle database software level, datafile configuration, control file configuration, online redo log configuration, ASM configuration and much more. Learn about your Oracle database environment from an enterprise perspective in minutes so you can make the most informed decisions.

Config & Capacity Data

View database configuration information including:

  • Database name & DBID
  • Database uptime
  • Hostname & platform of database server
  • Tablespace configuration
  • Data file configuration
  • Control file configuration
  • Online redo log configuration
  • Used & free disk capacity in the database
  • Database memory configuration (SGA & PGA)
  • Database archive log mode
  • RAC cluster membership
  • Dataguard configuration

At-a-Glance Activity

Browse your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Number of user commits over time
  • Number of log switches over time
  • Soft parses vs hard parses over time
  • Blocked user sessions over time
  • Discover database time model information such as database time, database CPU, SQL execute elapsed time, PL/SQL execution elapsed time, JAVA execution elapsed time and more over time
  • Instantly view and filter wait events over time the by system, wait class, session and service
  • Trend the most common wait events such as Buffer busy waits, Datafile sequential reads and more

Trending Capability

Trend various metrics to better understand your workload and help to predict potential future database issues including:

  • PGA session usage trending
  • Datafile disk usage capacity trending
  • Log switch trending
  • Automatic memory resize operation trending

Enterprise-Level View

Reveal your comprehensive Oracle footprint with our dashboard and answer questions regarding your environment instantly:

  • What different platforms are you running your Oracle databases on?
  • What versions of the Oracle database software are you running?
  • How many RAC environments do you run?
  • Are you using ASM?

Database Asset Tagging

Group your databases together by function and priority in your environment to instantly understand their relationship and role in supporting your corporate mission:

  • Group by environment
  • Group by application
  • Group by RAC cluster
  • Group by Dataguard
  • Group with application tier servers (which also have an Galileo agent installed to correlate application activity and database activity)

Analytics Alerting

Monitor your database environment for many metrics and thresholds such as:

  • Tablespace utilization threshold
  • Number of connection database sessions versus max number of sessions allowed per database
  • Database uptime
  • ASM diskgroup space utilization checks
  • Datafile space capacity checks