SAN Solutions

Intuitive and Predictive Infrastructure Management

SAN performance monitoring with Galileo Performance Explorer® eliminates the time, cost, and complexity of on-site enterprise-class SRM tools. Powerful management agents identify demand, activity, and performance. Analyze overloaded or underutilized resources in detail previously unavailable. Drill down into fabrics, switches, code levels, ports, and ISLs to correct errors within minutes. Size and allocate —or reallocate—ports. Even isolate problems to a host or subsystem. These tools operate across Brocade and Cisco platforms.

Comprehensive Data

View key summary information across your SAN—including capacity, configuration, used ports, and free ports—all in an easy-to-understand graphic format.

Deep Insights

View detailed information on directors, switches, access gateways, ports, and trunks—along with timely tracking, detailed alerts, and export options.

Custom Dashboards

Customize your personal SAN dashboard with the information that is most important to you—including by date ranges, fabric, switches, and chart grouping.

Analyst Reports

Industry analysts from Taneja Group and 451 Research weigh in on Performance Management, Cloud-Based Infrastructure Performance & more.

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