Performance Monitoring for IBM GPFS (Spectrum Scale)

Reveal your entire IBM Spectrum Scale software-defined-storage cluster at each Node, File System, and Pool level—within minutes, not days or weeks. Spectrum Scale is based on IBM’s powerful General Parallel File System (GPFS) and is the next generation of that popular, worldwide IBM offering.

Galileo’s performance monitoring of IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) server and “elastic” storage places vital configuration information like Spectrum Scale Pools and File System Block Size at your fingertips—all within a customizable one-view. Monitor your Spectrum Scale cluster configuration over a period of time to identify whether any cluster performance degradation results from a configuration change. Size and allocate—or reallocate—CPU, Memory, Network, and SAN resources for optimal performance based on your varying workloads.

System and Performance Reports

Get system capacity and configuration information in a composite screen to view along with the system performance charts of your choice.

Dashboard View

Configure the Galileo dashboard to display your choice of 74 charts across 15 performance monitoring categories, for deep insights into IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) server performance.