VMware Performance Monitoring Agent

Identify issues with your VMware environments before they happen. Identify configuration issues, locate exhausted or underutilized resources, and isolate problems. Access configuration information—including operating system (OS) utilization levels, devices, processor/memory information, and virtual features. At-a-Glance Cluster level, Host level, and virtual machine (VM) level statistics allow you to customize your graphical user interface (GUI) dashboard for each level within your VMware infrastructure. Configuration and Capacity Data allow you to view configurations, objects, and capacity from your dashboard. You can drill down from the Cluster level, through the Host level, and into the VM level statistics.

Virtual Environment Performance in the Cloud

Access your VMware performance data from anywhere in the world via Galileo’s intuitive Web-based interface. Customize your date ranges, select by vCenter Datacenter, Cluster, Host or Virtual Machine and get online help quickly and easily. Tailor your own personal dashboard, grouping the charts most important to you. Zoom charts allow you to pinpoint troubled areas with great detail.

Virtual Environment Performance Screenshot-VMware

vCenter, Cluster, Host & VM Views

Quickly check your virtual environment at a glance. Performance and configuration data is presented in four simple yet detailed dashboards. Select your vCenter server to review your virtual environment including cluster and host summaries. Choose a cluster to see its state, as well as, the hosts and VMs it is running. Further drill in to see Host and VM details.

vCenter-Cluster-Host-Virtual Machine Screenshot-VMware

Incredible Detail, Fast

While collecting performance and configuration details at five (5) minute intervals, your data is preserved for you as it is received. Unlike other performance products where long-term data is made unreliable by rolling up to 1, 2 or even 24 hour averages, Galileo’s powerful metrics are never averaged and always remain useful to you for reporting, trending, capacity planning and problem solving no matter when you discover a problem.

Performance-Configuration Details Screenshot-VMware

World Class Help

Galileo VMware is backed by professionals who are subject matter experts in their field and who run production environments just like you. Our help content not only explains the configuration and trend details collected but also includes real world practical insights when necessary to not only give you information but to help guide you to solutions.

CPU Ready Time Screenshot-VMware

Memory Charts

Comprehensive memory charts show key memory statistics in a single view. All charts are created specifically to give the clearest view of your environment.

Memory Chart Screenshot-VMware


Review total CPU capacity in Mhz or % Utilized or easily zoom to see the top consumers of CPU resources.

CPU Overview Screenshot-VMware

Solution Guide
Performance Monitoring of VMware Environment

See specific examples of how Galileo for VMware provides insights to VMware administrators and top-level executives.