Storage Solutions

Advanced Solutions for Storage Performance Monitoring and Management

Get faster, smarter infrastructure management with storage solutions from Galileo Performance Explorer. Our storage monitoring software eliminates the time, cost, and complexity of onsite enterprise-class SRM tools. Capture and analyze storage requirements in detail previously unavailable—so pinpointing overloaded or underutilized resources is easy. Decision makers can identify demand, peak activity, and performance across storage including DDN, Dell EMC VMAX, IBM DS3/4/5K, IBM DS8K, IBM FlashSystem, IBM SONAS, IBM SVC/V7000 (Spectrum Virtualize), IBM V7000 Unified, IBM XIV, Infinidat Infinibox and NetApp.

Deep Storage Insights

Galileo provides you with insight into your storage that you never had before. Comprehensive views of subsystems, controllers, storage arrays, and logical drives give you more detailed information than ever.

More Detail for Better Decisions

With Galileo, you now have easy access to configuration information, capacity data, timely tracking, multiple export options, and more. That lets you make thoughtful decisions regarding storage needs.

Custom Dashboards

Galileo’s exclusive Enterprise and Alerting IT Intelligence Dashboards provide useful reporting and detailed analytics so you can predict issues, prevent downtime, and make informed decisions.

Galileo in Action: Storage Solutions

Analyst Reports

Industry analysts from Taneja Group and 451 Research weigh in on Performance Management, Cloud-Based Infrastructure Performance & more.

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