DDN Performance Monitoring Agent

Monitor Petabytes of data in one DDN storage monitoring solution. This Galileo DDN agent provides a complete graphical representation of performance and vital configuration information for your entire DDN GRIDScaler cluster at your fingertips. Get complete insight into your cluster performance and configuration as never before. Identify performance bottlenecks within the cluster—within a few minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Access vital DDN cluster performance statistics like I/O Throughput, Metadata Operations, Client Network Throughput, Quota, Disk, Pool, and File System usage. Facilitate more efficient capacity planning for your existing and future DDN clusters by sizing your Nodes, CPU, Memory, Network, and Storage resources for optimum performance—based on production workloads that can be monitored on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

Performance & Configuration/Capacity in One Screen

Display system configuration and storage capacity/utilization profiles, along with any of 120+ performance monitoring charts you designate, all within a customizable dashboard.