IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystem Performance Monitoring Agent

IBM FlashSystem

Quickly and proactively identify issues with your IBM FlashSystem storage arrays. Galileo allows storage admins to obtain performance alerting, management, and monitoring for all IBM FlashSystem storage solutions, helping avoid downtime, improve performance, isolate configuration issues, and greatly reduce problem resolution time. Access configuration information—including IBM FlashSystem modules, volume and volume mappings, and storage fiber ports. At-a-Glance Virtual Group and Capacity Usage lets you customize dashboard parameters, view disk usage, and trend capacity usage over time.

Monitor IBM FlashSystem storage performance by observing cluster resources to confirm proper load balancing. Comprehensively monitor IBM FlashSystem storage arrays by drilling deeper into every array component. Get visibility into LUNs, volumes, physical flash modules, operational array status, Fiber Connect (FC) ports on switches and arrays, port errors, and more.

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Customize your personal IBM FlashSystem dashboard by date ranges. Select by System, Volume, or FlashSystem Modules and group the charts that are most important.

Configuration/Capacity Data

Display key storage performance monitoring information instantly.

Fiber Channel Interfaces

Instantly see whether Fiber Channel throughput, transfers, and service times are acceptable and within limits or above a certain threshold, which will cause application performance issues. Select/de-select any number of ports to zoom into a specific port.