IBM Spectrum Virtualize Performance Monitoring Agent

The Galileo agent provides support for IBM Spectrum Virtualize, which enables software-defined storage in a physical infrastructure. Spectrum Virtualize is now the umbrella under which the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and IBM Storwize V3700, V5000 and V7000 resides. Spectrum Virtualize itself falls under the umbrella of Spectrum Storage. (More information on these changes can be found on the IBM website.)

Utilizing storage virtualization on Spectrum Virtualize devices reduces the time, cost, and complexity of onsite enterprise-class Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools for managing and troubleshooting storage resources. Used in conjunction with our Galileo agent, businesses can reveal, in seconds, the facts about disk service times and input/output per second (IOPS) operations to calculate necessary application response times, thus ensuring requirements are met. Gain the data granularity necessary to pinpoint when read/write times exceed specifications, and obtain the factual insight to isolate problems with the host server, operation system (OS), storage subsystem, or application.

Storage Efficiency At-a-Glance

The enhanced Storage Efficiency display shows savings achieved by both thin provisioning and compression.

VC Dashboard

Customize your personal IBM Spectrum Virtualize (Storwize) dashboard by date ranges, select by Cluster, I/O Group, Node, MDG, Mdisk or Vdisk, and group the charts that are most important to you.

VC Dashboard Screenshot-IBM SVC-V700

Configuration/Capacity Data

Display key storage performance monitoring information instantly.

Vdisk Service Times

Instantly see whether vdisk service times are acceptable and within limits, or above a certain threshold, which will cause Application performance issues. Select/de-select any number of Vdisks, to zoom into a specific host.