Infinidat Storage System Management Agent

Eliminate the time, cost, and complexity of on-site enterprise-class SRM tools for managing and troubleshooting your storage resources. This Infinidat storage system management agent provides at-a-glance views and drill-downs of storage performance data that you can trust for capacity planning, analysis, and information sharing across IT and business groups. Access over 220 specific metrics across 10 different categories—including system, pools, volumes, hosts, ports, and filesystems.

Quickly identify performance bottlenecks within the InfiniBox in a few minutes, not days or weeks. Access vital configuration information including code levels, Nodes, and port and host information. Discover and correct any configuration discrepancies across the subsystem. Size and allocate—or reallocate—capacity. Pinpoint when read/write times spike out of spec and get the factual insight to isolate problems to a host server, OS, storage subsystem, or application.

Throughput/Subsystem Transfers

View system summary information, as well as any specific performance charts you select—such as the System Throughput and Subsystem Transfers charts in an easy-to-understand graphic format.

Infinidat Monitoring Tool

Capacity Summary

Track overall system capacity used and capacity available in an easily identifiable summary, as part of any dashboard view.

Infinidat Monitoring Tool