Webinar: How to Assess Cloud Migration Strategies

Webinar: How to Assess Cloud Migration Strategies

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In this webinar, Chris Churchey and Andy Wojnarek explain how to analyze your IT infrastructure to determine if your company can benefit from cloud migration.

Topics We Cover

  • Why your company may not realize cost savings from cloud migration
  • How to select test environments to migrate to the cloud
  • How to shop for vendors the right way and hunt down hidden costs
  • Why it’s important to conduct a trial of prospective cloud service providers and continue to monitor their performance even after you’ve made the move How to evaluate the performance of cloud service providers

As Co-Founder and Principal of ATS Group and the Galileo Division, Chris brings over 35 years of IT experience in enterprise open systems and storage technologies–with an emphasis on operating systems, virtualization, large scale systems/storage architecting, design and integration, and performance optimization of computer resources. Chris holds numerous IBM Certifications and is a subject matter expert (SME) in Server/Storage Consolidation, Performance, AIX, Linux, Power, Virtualization, and IBM Storage technologies. Prior to ATS, Chris was with IBM for 23 years, where his ending assignment was as a Consultant Systems Architect providing architecture, design, and IT consulting services to IBM Commercial and Federal customers. Chris was recognized as IBM Systems Engineer of the Year in 1991.

Andy has ten years of experience in the IT industry, including seven spent as a systems engineer facilitating AIX and Linux systems. His skills include virtualization, LPAR/VM creation, scripting, software installation, maintenance, connectivity, powerHA, NIM administration, and AIX/Linux administration. His expertise as technical lead facilitating teams of technical UNIX engineers allows him meet the needs of customers. He has experience working with NPIV, vscsi, and various forms of ethernet adapters on POWER hardware; automated solutions and patch management; including setup, maintenance and reporting. This experience also includes remediation of audit issues and devising reporting systems for security compliance.