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Application Performance Monitoring and Management Made Simple

IBM’s Spectrum Scale software-defined-storage solution is the next generation of their General Parallel File System (GPFS). Galileo Performance Explorer® is a powerful solution to reveal your entire cluster in minutes. Use scale pools and block size to identify if configuration changes cause performance degradation. Size and allocate CPU, memory, network, and SAN resources for optimal performance. Galileo reveals critical information at the node, file system, and pool levels in a customized view.

Comprehensive System Data

Galileo puts comprehensive data at your fingertips—including information regarding your system configuration and total resource capacity available to your applications. This includes server information—including CPU/ memory usage and disk space.

Hardware and Memory Data

Galileo provides you with all the hardware and memory data you need to make critical decisions on application usage. This detailed node information provided includes at-a-glance details regarding overall operations, throughput, waiters, and total system pool usage.

Advanced Resource Management

With Galileo, application performance monitoring and management is at your fingertips. Our application solutions allow you to monitor GPFS I/O through the “mmpmon” command and provide data on file system operations, throughput, total usage, and quota usage.

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