How does Galileo compete against LPAR2RRD?

Competitive Analysis Documents:

LPAR2RRD Specifics:

  • LPAR2RRD is a singular-focused OS monitoring too for IBM Power and VMware only. (View the LPAR2RRD website and demo.)
  • OS Monitoring: Limited only to IBM Power (AIX, VIO, Linux, IBM i, Solaris) & VMware
  • Alerting: Nagios
  • Customization: Grouping only (doesn’t support tagging of unique assets)
  • Pricing: Fees based on support only.

What is LPAR2RRD missing?

  • Storage Monitoring: No integration with Storage2RRD
  • Database & SAN Monitoring
  • Cloud: On-premise only
  • Correlation: Limited statistics and correlation features
  • Out-of-the-box health checks: No pre-built reports
  • Comprehensive: No singular view into the enterprise
  • Data Handling: No trending data and limited storage
  • Ease of Use: Complicated and outdated user interface (View Example 1 and Example 2)
  • SME Support: No industry expertise

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