How does Galileo compete against Netapp OnCommand Insight (OCI)?

Competitive Analysis Documents:

Netapp OnCommand Insight (OCI) Specifics:

  • OCI provides resource management and analysis across networks, storage, and servers in physical and virtual environments. (View the OCI website and demo.)
  • Monitoring: networks, storage, and servers in physical and virtual environments
  • Out-of-the-box health checks: custom and pre-built reports
  • Correlation: singular view into the enterprise

What is Netapp OnCommand Insight (OCI) missing?

  • Data Handling: limited to 90 day retention of data
  • Troubleshooting:  Unable to investigate back further than 90 day max data retention.
  • Capacity Planning: Trending & Sizing are limited to workloads that are within the 90 day retention.
  • Monitoring: No Database, No Cisco SAN, limited storage and OS monitoring
  • SME Support: No industry expertise 

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