How does Galileo compete against Storage Insights?

Competitive Analysis Documents:

Storage Insights Specifics:

  • Storage Insights is a Cloud-based solution and is focused IBM and EMC storage only. (View the Storage Insight website )
  • Storage Monitoring:  IBM and EMC
  • Cloud: Cloud Only (No on-prem option)
  • Dashboards: Monitoring, Trending and Asset Management

What is Storage Insights missing?

  • Storage Monitoring:  Unable to monitor IBM A9K, IBM Flash, 3Par, Infinibox, Netapp, Hitachi, PURE*******
  • OS Monitoring: No Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring:  No Monitoring
  • SAN Monitoring: No Monitoring  (DOUBLE CHECK THIS)
  • Cloud: No hybrid or on-prem options (cloud only)
  • Out-of-the-box health checks: No pre-built reports
  • SME Support: No industry expertise 

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