How does Galileo Monitor VMware and what metrics are collected?

Q:How does Galileo Monitor VMware and what metrics are collected?

A: With the Galileo Server, Storage, SAN and Database Agents,  metrics are collected and displayed within the Galileo Performance Explorer’s Analytics, Explorer and Enterprise dashboards to gain visibility and monitor your complete infrastructure, including virtualized environments such as VMware.  Out of the box dashboards, make it easy to proactively identify issues within your environment, identifying over or underutilized resources and drill down to the details of any assets by accessing over 500 metrics for deep analysis, planning, troubleshooting and trending.

Key Galileo VMware Agent Resources:

In order to install the VMware Agent:

  1. A Single RPM Package is installed on Linux VM running Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  2. Galileo’s agents collect data from the assets inherent data utilities – for example and in this case vCenter
  3. The collection agent pulls data using a read only service account with access to vCenter & read only access propagated to all children.
  4. The data (Perf, Capacity and Config) is Collected in “5” min data points and Data is sent out via Port 443 and to our hosted facility every “30” min.
  5. At that time, the VMware performance, capacity and configuration data can be accessed via the GPE Site and viewed in the Explorer, Analytics, Enterprise and Tag Manager dashboards.



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