When Should You Replace Your Servers?

Chris Churchey
Wondering when to consider server replacement.

Technological advancement, short server life-cycles and market pricing that favors replacement, all make it necessary to review your server inventory regularly and determine whether to replace some of them. Because of this reality, you need to monitor your servers around the clock with a holistic tool, then weigh the costs and benefits of buying new technology versus those of maintaining your existing inventory. By doing so, you can decrease costs and increase performance. Discover a step-by-step process for assessing and refreshing your organization’s servers. Read more »

Find Out What’s New with Galileo at IBM Edge

Heather Eisenmann

At Galileo, we are excited to share our new offerings at IBM Edge. They will make you think differently about how you manage your IT infrastructure to deliver the best possible user experience. We have taken Galileo to a new level with our Enterprise Dashboard, Tag Manager and the introduction of Brocade and Cisco SAN agents. Find out what that means to you.

5 Steps to IT Asset Management and Achieving Sizable Savings

Chris Churchey
Five Steps to IT Asset Management and Achieving Sizable Savings

Are you planning your 2017 IT budget?

With today’s complex IT environments, budgeting for IT asset management is a challenging task. So here is a simple step-by-step methodology to make planning easier and more successful.

It includes looking at past trends and projecting them into the future, managing your maintenance budget, finding room in your squeezed-too-tight data center for new applications, and slashing your painfully high software expenses. Find out how to do all this more easily and achieve high performance and savings. Read more »