Rapidly discover actionable insights into the performance and capacity of servers, storage, database, SAN and cloud.



Use easy-to-read, visual dashboards and granular analytic data to identify data center issues before they affect users.



Identify system slowdowns, outages, and downtime before they occur using predictive analytical graphs and reports.


Not only does Galileo ensure infrastructure performance, it can also serve as a strategic consultant. Looking to migrate to the cloud… or consolidate servers? Accurately monitoring your current environment with Galileo will provide a roadmap to a successful project.

Thorough and ongoing infrastructure planning and monitoring is critical to ensuring the overall performance of your environment. Successful planning goes beyond research and the numbers.

The exponential growth of applications and digital business initiatives has put pressure on IT departments to optimize the user experience. At the same time, however

Cloud planning and migration is the top priority for technology leaders. After all, it promises cost reductions, to deliver just the right level of technology

As end-user expectations increase, budgets tighten, security concerns rise and merger and acquisitions occur, data center migrations are increasingly common. If you’re planning to move

Health checks provide the integral data necessary to maintain your unique IT infrastructure. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved or

In today’s corporate environment, organizations are likely faced with the complex issues of corporate acquisitions, mergers and consolidations. Your business goal is for the revenue

To run an efficient and high-performing IT environment, you need to explore your server inventory regularly to find opportunities for consolidation. The goal is to

The digital world is taking a lead role in corporate success, and users are demanding more than ever from technology. Meanwhile, disruptions in IT service

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What do our customers say?

Galileo’s IT dashboards act as a crystal ball across our IT enterprise. We’ve already dramatically reduced our decision-making time.

Mukesh Sharma Sr. Manager, IT, Database & ERP Infrastructure Welch’s Corporation

We are better able to defer new storage hardware purchases and balance our storage needs across what we already own.

At a high-level view, I can see the entire enterprise at a glance. Galileo’s Enterprise Dashboard is shaping the data for me, showing me what to drill down on and what to look at.