Rapidly discover actionable insights into the performance and capacity of servers, storage, systems, database, SAN and cloud.



Use easy-to-read, visual dashboards and granular analytic data to identify data center issues before they affect users.



Identify system slowdowns, outages, and downtime before they occur using predictive analytical graphs and reports.


Not only does Galileo ensure infrastructure performance, it can also serve as a strategic consultant. Looking to migrate to the cloud… or consolidate servers? Accurately monitoring your current environment with Galileo will provide a roadmap to a successful project.

Thorough and ongoing infrastructure planning and monitoring is critical to ensuring the overall performance of your environment. Successful planning goes beyond research and the numbers.

Without adequate monitoring and planning, the performance of your most critical applications and assets can suffer considerably. An imbalance in available data center resources can

Utilization of the cloud has become an essential element of business processes in every industry, and the proof is in the investments. The vast majority

On-premises data centers were once considered the backbone of modern infrastructure, but times have definitely changed. Today’s organizations are feeling the constraints of tightened IT

Health checks provide the integral data necessary to maintain your unique IT infrastructure. Current and future problem areas can be proactively identified and resolved or

For decades, leading enterprises in science and industry, from retail and manufacturing to genomics research, government and healthcare have been engaged in an arms race,

The consolidation of two businesses through a merger or acquisition can come with considerable complexities, particularly associated with combining critical IT infrastructures. As stakeholders work

Anything that stands in the way of winning performance could be costing your company big in terms of productivity, customer service and profits. In order

Ensuring the most efficient use capacity and available computing power is crucial within any on-premise data center or system of servers. Under-utilization and unbalanced workloads

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What do our customers say?

Galileo’s IT dashboards act as a crystal ball across our IT enterprise. We’ve already dramatically reduced our decision-making time.

Mukesh Sharma Sr. Manager, IT, Database & ERP Infrastructure Welch’s Corporation

We are better able to defer new storage hardware purchases and balance our storage needs across what we already own.

At a high-level view, I can see the entire enterprise at a glance. Galileo’s Enterprise Dashboard is shaping the data for me, showing me what to drill down on and what to look at.